Monday, August 26, 2013

To Do List

I always like to see people making lists since I'm a list lover from way back. Anna at Door Sixteen has some ambitious home project lists which inspired me to do the same. Also, I need the public shaming since the private list making isn't really getting me anywhere. This is a post-Labor Day list since we've got family coming and then we're free to run wild! It's pretty ambitious but here goes:

  1. Move everything out of the studio/guest room
  2. Remove the quarter round molding from around the floor
  3. Patch quarter round holes
  4. Remove laminate floor
  5. Paint the walls
  6. Paint molding
  7. Install wood tile floor
  8. Grout said floor
  9. Rearrange and move everything back in to look like this or this or this. Or not.
  10. Remove quarter round in the hallway
  11. Patch quarter round holes 
  12. Paint the hallway
  13. Paint the molding
  14. Convince Rolland I need a shiny sparkly chandelier (really love this) in the hallway
  15. Put down tile
  16. Grout tile
  17. Move everything out of Sophy's room
  18. Remove the quarter round from around the floor
  19. Patch quarter round holes 
  20. Remove the laminate floor
  21. Paint? It's really, really pink and makes everything weird in pics. May just knock it down a couple of shades
  22. Paint molding to cover hole patches
  23. May consider a new light fixture since it's also crazy dim... Rolland really might kill me. :O  Maybe just use existing hanging IKEA light over rocking chair and add a switch?
  24. Install wood tile floors
  25. Grout floors
  26. Build built-ins and window seat along window wall
  27. Figure out how to make/find a seat cushion for window seat
  28. Move all back in and hope she's still got a reasonable sleep schedule
Take a break for Christmas!

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