Thursday, August 08, 2013

Faux Woody Goodness

A big hold up on moving forward with the studio planning was trying to figure out what to do with the floors for the house. We have a small game room upstairs that's carpeted but everything else is tile, concrete or Ikea laminate. Finally, I think we've decided to go with tile that looks like wood. Rolland's become a tile expert at this point and I don't mind grouting so it seems like the best DIY approach at this point. I love how easy it is too keep clean but looks like wood. Sophy can run wild without worrying about doing any damage.

These inspiration images from Houzz make it easy to see how pretty it could be. Now I'm ok with ripping the house apart and moving forward with all our to do's. Maybe keep that a secret from the husband for now though...

Love the texture feel of this one but mostly we won't be hovering above it since we're not vampires or super heroes. I would agree to either as long as we're the wealthy sparkly faux vampires who live in gorgeous splendor of the Pacific Northwest or Iron Man/Woman. Sophy with that palm exploder would be a nightmare.


This one is to remind me how we can do the transition space.

We're heading out for a little antiquing with the fam in Oklahoma for a couple of days. I've got my studio list and can't wait! Pretty sparkling vintage goodness will be mine!

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