Monday, August 05, 2013

Bombshell Beauty Charm Necklace

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Sara at Bombshell Beauty, is pretty awesome. I'm envious of her cool weather up north and layering potential. She's also awesome about promoting fashion for all sizes and has become a super star with her appearances on Twin Cities Live and lots of other media appearances. I wanted to do something for her since I'm a regular reader and love how she's really put herself out there.

I made a few pieces for her and this one I found before and after pics while cleaning off the memory cards of the point and shoot AND the newly repaired and clean fancy DSLR so this one gets the publicity! Or you know this very exciting blog post. I really liked the finished piece and am addicted to all things charm related. My bracelet situation is getting a little uncontrollable but let's just keep moving. Nothing to see hear. Move along... pretty sure Star Wars will be creeping into after school viewing soon. She's nearly 18 months what's the hold up?!

Anyway, the "before" and planning stage pic. I love my little pink cloth for wrangling beads and keeping my tools relatively close. It's getting a little grungy now that I see what it used to look like. I wonder if it can be washed? For this piece I had been thinking of a more muted color palette but I love how Sara always works in some color so I went with the red coral/jade. I can't remember which and am now reminded that I need to tag my stuff better. Ugh.

And after it's all put together.

I like mixing the different metals so you don't feel like you have to wear all gold, all silver, etc. I never worry about it but some people feel more put together with the matching and this takes care of that! The clasp was a leftover piece from a chain I used on another project. Kind of love the antique look and feel but I'm pretty sure it was a Michael's clearance find.

This little red metal flower with turquoise center was a favorite in my vintage stash. I had to let it go and move away from the hoarding tendencies. Seriously, it's a real problem. It's why my desk only ever has about 8 inches of work space. The little bird cage and vintage saints metal give the necklace some pop. If folks are more wild than I am, this could be the focal point with an asymmetrical approach with chain on one side and beads on the other. I like that look on there people but for myself, the charms to one side are as wild as I get!

Happy Monday!

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Most Ridic said...

I love seeing how you put this necklace together! I always get a lot of ooohs and ahhhs when I wear it; so much so that I recently sent it to a friend in NE who's battling cancer. I thought it would give her some good mojo while she's kicking cancer's butt. :) Thank you, Amy!!