Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Diptic App

I'm still playing with my iPhone/iPad photos and trying out some new apps. I'm a bit of a photo app hoarder. Sigh. A lot of the experiments end up on Instagram. Usually late at night. You know, to hide the app hoarding via publicly posting on the intranet. This was not a well thought out plan.

These were made with the Diptic App which I'm still kind of meh about. I think it's fun and I do enjoy looking at all of the Sophy faces but I don't see this taking over for some of my standby's. Mostly, I don't see myself taking a ton of photos that lend themselves to grouping this way although I'm willing to do some foodie samplings to try it. Might be an interesting was to gather some travel shots for a book... well hell, I may be talking myself into finding more uses for it now! Oy.

I have 4 more days to finish my SnapShops class. I really hope I make it.

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