Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Jewelry Making

These are a couple of necklaces I made this weekend. The trick was I had to use things I already had and couldn't purchase anything. Oddly enough, it turns out I have tons of stuff hidden away in drawers, cubbies, boxes, etc. I'm not sure I have enough room for all the jewelry I can make without needing anything else! I also went back to basics on these and the 3 strand necklace I have one strand that's just strung on the beads, the next one was hand knotted between each bead (I found this bizarrely relaxing!) and the last was a simple chain made with sterling wire. I hadn't originally planned on using the quartz between the floral beads but it turns out with the loops 1/2 the beads would lay on their sides so not an attractive look. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out.

The green milk glass necklace was super easy but I really love the look of the dark steel chain against the green beads. I added the crystal for a little interest at the clasp so it can be worn in front or in back if I decide to add some layers. I've got a few more pieces started and I should be able to get them finished up over the weekend but I have a few house projects in mind... I haven't brought up painting a few rooms for a while now so I'm sure Rolland thinks I've decided against it but no, just laying low and will spring it on him when I bring home the paint! :)

Round Robin Charm

This is my latest round robin charm and it was for Sharon's necklace. I hope she loves it when it finally makes it back to her, it's gorgeous and I loved working on it! This is a soldered and patina-ed charm with a few little dangles added. There's a moonstone, a vintage religious charm and a skull bead. I love that they feel like they tell a story about an incredible adventure in an exotic land... or, that I need to get out more!

The one place I have tried to make a point of getting to this summer is our local Farmer's Market right off the McKinney square. We've had some tasty goodness including an incredible olive oil and some super tasty grass fed beef. If you find yourself looking for an outing between 8-1 in McKinney on Saturday, check it out! This is Anita and Rolland after I dragged them out pre-shopping.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Latest Marie Pages

In an effort to improve my tendency to procrastinate, I've been working on Marie pages for a swap I'm doing with my charmsters group. These are a few of the latest pages and I'm having a blast working on them. It's so much fun to play with the color and all the super fun scraps I've collected that are more than a little over the top.

I love journals but am the worst about keeping up with it. This gives me a great way to incorporate some of my favorite journaling images and techniques into the pages.

I also have a super cool new scanner/printer combo that's mac friendly and these babies come out bright enough you need shades! I'm loving the crispness of the images and the husband assures me I'm in no danger of loosing space with the larger file sizes. Whew!