Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Car Ride and Shopping

The family visit has been lots of fun with car rides, tasty food and shopping. Sophy prefers the car rides to shopping but does enjoy running full speed through all of the racks so there's that. I found shopping highly successful with an entirely new pj wardrobe. Mine were looking ratty and are now almost fully replaced. Woo hoo!

I'm a little worried with all of the Fashion Week talk on the intranets I could succumb to a serious shopping binge. I've really been pretty good about the spending (except for the boxes that came to the house this week...uhm.  Ooops. Most were gifts I promise! For real!)

Update post lunch and nap: new jeans and plain white t-shirt. Multiple Sophy outfits. Couple of gifts also purchased. Macy's sale was decent.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

Five on Friday meet up at a. liz

5. I just saw this burger on Dinner with Julie and feel like the guy on the Geico commercial with his mind blown! It's a burger with a babybel cheese wheel inside. How did I not think of that?! This looks super tasty. May have to make these this weekend.

4. My in-laws are in town this weekend so we're contemplating a movie while we've got a visiting babysitter. Jobs looks really good so does Lee Daniel's The Butler but I'm not sure I want to be that serious and grown up. There's always Kickass 2 or The World's End. We also have the new Alamo Drafthouse to consider!

3. And if we're going to a movie we need dinner. Dinner with no throwing of crackers or demands to be "put down". Nice. I keep a list of restaurants in the notes section of my phone for a quick reference. It helps with the "where do you want to eat" question. A funny kind of movie deserves a little tasty goodness like Jerry's Wood-Fired Dog. I've seen it's tasty goodness via instagram feeds but haven't tried it out. We've also lived here a long time and haven't tried out Hattie's in Bishop Arts. That might move to the top of the list.

2. With the family in town, there's also likely to be some shopping for the toddler. I usually pick up a few things (or a lot), even when her closet is already busting out. The new Peek collection is crazy cute. The Tea collection also adorable. And finally, you can never go wrong with mini-boden. You'll likely go broke, but not wrong.

1. The State Fair of Texas signs are up! School started! Football is starting! It's Fall, it's fall, it's fall! Well, it's 105 here this weekend but I can feel fall!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


via pinterest

Aside from all of my big photo wins, it's been kind of hectic for lots of reasons I don't really want to go through at the moment. But, I saw this on Pinterest and actually laughed out loud then sighed.

It really does sum it all up.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photoshop Apps

I'm trying to make use of the fancy DSLR and have been incredibly inspired by the blogger-nets (I kind of hate the term blogosphere. I don't know why). Some major favorites are Under the Sycamore, Meg's Whatever blog  which totally captures kids and Kansas for me. It reminds me of my summers when I was growing up. On the flip side, the city pics on Sweet Fine Day are a different kind of greatness. Urban playgrounds and city kids are fun to see. Finally, the food porn, plus kid, plus island pics and other awesomeness of Gluten Free Girl's blog gets me through the crazy Texas heat. Day dreaming of picnics on an island in the Pacific Northwest... sigh. BUT, I did see the sign for the Texas State Fair so fall really IS almost here!

This is a tiny subset of the blogs I read with lots gorgeous photos and decorating/beauty shots. However, these stand out for me as they capture everyday moments. Making them magical, particularly with kids. Sophy is growing at a crazy rate and she's at school while we're at work so I have less of an opportunity to see her everyday interactions with world. I want to have a record of this time when she's exploring, learning and finds everything pretty nifty. This is what I will hold on to when she's slamming her door and screaming "I hate you". She can even watch me weep over the pics after I remove her door for slamming it but that's an entirely different thing. Let's not dwell. Not ready, not ready!

I've waxed poetic~ish about my love of apps on my phone and really, really wanted something similar for Photoshop. Turns out, there kind of is! I read about Totally Rad Lab on Ashley's blog but couldn't quite figure it out but found they had a free trial so I started playing with it. Now I'm hooked. It's a lot more of a commitment than my $1.99 phone apps but so far I think it's worth it. I hope I'm not spoiling anything for the family, but photo stuff is my new gift go to so I feel like I can justify the cost. Kinda. I hope my husband doesn't read this. :O

So here is an example of a "before and after" with Totally Rad.



I cropped the poop out of it so you can get closer to the tiny toddler in the photo. I know there's a lot going on but I wanted to really get that feeling from the splash park. There may have been a little fixation on the rainbows. I don't want to talk about that either. Rainbows rule! Anyway, the super processed feel you see on phone apps is a favorite but this isn't a look for everyone. They have a lot of options for some subtle adjustments. I may have mentioned I'm not much of a "less is more" kind of girl.

The next set are from Pioneer Woman. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with PW in that I used to love her but after she turned into a giant marketing brand the "simple prairie girl" vibe was kind of lost. I do love her photos though. Recipes... eh.


Ok, so this one has the tiny toddler making a break for it with Daddy's shadow at the bottom of the pic. I kind of love it which is why I end up keeping all of my photos in an "originals" folder taking up huge amounts of space. I'll figure out something with picture hoarding after I conquer my actual "stuff" hoarding. Anyway, back to the photo. And then it became...

This. I did want to crop it a little tighter though to get more of Sophy in the pic again. I also really modified the contrast and did a major sepia moment. I wish I would have rotated the image, you know, so that it's straight (OY!) but I didn't. I think on the whole most wouldn't find it a successful photo but I kind of love it. She's just on the edge of exploring on her own. Ready to break free and find adventure. That's a moment I want to have forever.

Monday, August 26, 2013

To Do List

I always like to see people making lists since I'm a list lover from way back. Anna at Door Sixteen has some ambitious home project lists which inspired me to do the same. Also, I need the public shaming since the private list making isn't really getting me anywhere. This is a post-Labor Day list since we've got family coming and then we're free to run wild! It's pretty ambitious but here goes:

  1. Move everything out of the studio/guest room
  2. Remove the quarter round molding from around the floor
  3. Patch quarter round holes
  4. Remove laminate floor
  5. Paint the walls
  6. Paint molding
  7. Install wood tile floor
  8. Grout said floor
  9. Rearrange and move everything back in to look like this or this or this. Or not.
  10. Remove quarter round in the hallway
  11. Patch quarter round holes 
  12. Paint the hallway
  13. Paint the molding
  14. Convince Rolland I need a shiny sparkly chandelier (really love this) in the hallway
  15. Put down tile
  16. Grout tile
  17. Move everything out of Sophy's room
  18. Remove the quarter round from around the floor
  19. Patch quarter round holes 
  20. Remove the laminate floor
  21. Paint? It's really, really pink and makes everything weird in pics. May just knock it down a couple of shades
  22. Paint molding to cover hole patches
  23. May consider a new light fixture since it's also crazy dim... Rolland really might kill me. :O  Maybe just use existing hanging IKEA light over rocking chair and add a switch?
  24. Install wood tile floors
  25. Grout floors
  26. Build built-ins and window seat along window wall
  27. Figure out how to make/find a seat cushion for window seat
  28. Move all back in and hope she's still got a reasonable sleep schedule
Take a break for Christmas!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Splash Padding

It's been a super busy weekend but we took some time this morning for a doughnut and park run. We had a mini-session with Ryan last weekend and Sophy loved the fountains. Today was more of the same!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

Yay, it's Five on Friday time and that means it's, well, Friday! I kind of feel like this.

And here we go...

5. The latest episode of Interior Therapy had the husband giving me a little side eye. The couple were living in "her" decorated version of the house that leaned very much to Mark Ryden. And by lean I mean was totally covered in it and lots more of that style of artwork. She also had a lot significant number of unusual pieces that I had some skepticism about including stuffed rats and clown portraits. Yikes! Now, I admit I like an occasional doll head as much as the next person  and kind of adore Mark Ryden but she had gone a little overboard. Since we watched it, I've been rethinking the entire home decorating/knickknacking I've got going on. I will say that someone with a "toy collection" a la Star Wars hoarding better not look too hard at me. Side eye back to the husband there.

4. So ignoring #5 where I swear off all questionable art and excessive item displaying. I kind of really really want these. Our antiquing trip set off some kind of dormant pottery collecting gene. I'm on a definite 30's and 40's pottery kick and have almost started a collection for Sophy. I have not for a few reasons.
  • These are things I like and don't want to hear it when she's 13 and hates everything.
  • Also, I don't want her stuck with having to deal with my hoarding on her behalf when she finally moves out and has to deal with a U-haul full "her" stuff. I do have some self-awareness about this. She may have to have this though.
  • And the husband gives me the look and just shakes his head. I do not want to see this same behavior in a pre-schooler.

3. I've been seeing these awesome Valentino pumps all over the intranets. Greatness. So we have to suspend our disbelief that a) I wouldn't immediately break an ankle. And, b) that I would spend nearly $1,000 dollars on shoes. After all of that, these are fantastic! Perfect with some boyfriend jeans and a cardigan for casual with an edge work outfit.  I also have to get beyond them being called "Rockstud". That's just... ugh.

2. Ok, since I've agreed not to hoard on behalf of my toddler daughter, I'm contemplating merchandising her things in some fun ways. I love these crates. This book wall is on the must list.

1. And I've decided I'm kind of screwed since I have a "vignettes" board that would induce nightmares in Jeff Lewis and my husband.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Let the Sunshine In

I saw this gorgeous balloon backed by the sunrise this am at baby school drop off. It was gorgeous. But when I saw how the pic came out I just shook my head. I may have sighed.

I'm trying to be brave and take risks. To make some dreams become reality and it's hard. Really, really hard. Most of the time I feel like this picture. It's great potential but just not there. I'm already thinking how it's disappointing. I know. I have issues. I'm not a naturally optimistic person. This is coming as a shock. I'm more of a "if we're in a plane crash let's hope we lose consciousness before the fiery death" kind of a girl. All of the adults in our house worry about worrying too much. This is no way to live life and it's no way to teach my daughter how to live.

Instead, I want to feel like this. A second shot with a change in the angle and some editing.

I want to embrace the possibilities without becoming paralyzed over fear of disappointment. I've avoided opportunities because I didn't want to risk it not working out. Being rejected. Instead, I'm trying to push through. Risk. If it doesn't work out. It's still ok. I'm still ok. I still have a lot to be grateful for and there may be even better possibilities I didn't see just beyond the trees.

Breathe Deep. Set your intention. Be brave. Exhale.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Diptic App

I'm still playing with my iPhone/iPad photos and trying out some new apps. I'm a bit of a photo app hoarder. Sigh. A lot of the experiments end up on Instagram. Usually late at night. You know, to hide the app hoarding via publicly posting on the intranet. This was not a well thought out plan.

These were made with the Diptic App which I'm still kind of meh about. I think it's fun and I do enjoy looking at all of the Sophy faces but I don't see this taking over for some of my standby's. Mostly, I don't see myself taking a ton of photos that lend themselves to grouping this way although I'm willing to do some foodie samplings to try it. Might be an interesting was to gather some travel shots for a book... well hell, I may be talking myself into finding more uses for it now! Oy.

I have 4 more days to finish my SnapShops class. I really hope I make it.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sophy and the Bicycles

When we were in Oklahoma last weekend, we stopped in Ardmore at the Cloverleaf. I have a follow up post, just to drag those two days out even further, but this is a quick Sophy-centric post. She loved all of the bicycles outside the shop and had to take a closer look.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I love Peek.They have such great kids stuff like this. Or this.They do kind of blow the monthly kids clothing budget so I wait until I find stuff on sale. This fall's line of science stuff for girls is greatness. I may have to stock up in larger sizes for later. Sophy asking about Marie Curie is much preferred to the latest Disney pop star.

Not blogging on behalf of Peek but that would be fantastic! Just happened to get their latest via email and couldn't resist sharing.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

It's Five on Friday time again link up at a.liz ... I kind of skipped the last couple week for reasons unknown.

5. We're doing a quick summer mini-session with Ryan on Sunday so I'm obsessing over outfits. Still have no idea what's "cute" but can get "wet". Those are sort of mutual exclusive for me. Oy. My true obsession about this is mpix. I'm seriously addicted to their print services. They make all my pics look great and I order nearly everything in the lustre finish for this fantastic metallicy finish. LOVE. I also use their app for pics on my phone and it's amazing.
Note: they did not in anyway ask me to pimp out there services, I just have to share my new photo printing addiction. If they want to give me benefits for pimping there goodies I wouldn't say no!

4. iPhone photography. I just got my DSLR fixed and took it on our mini-trip. I may have posted 1.2 million photos online. Not sure if you saw. Here or here. But, I don't normally carry the big fancy camera around but I always have my phone or iPad mini so I signed up for a class specific to the phone. It's SnapShops which is awesome. It has lots of great information and now I'm a little concerned I won't get through it all in the next week. EEK!

3. Afterlight. I have a bunch of phone photo apps that I rotate through but this is my latest favorite. I can size images to "square" then make all the edits and add layers with sizing perfect for Instagram. Love Instagram. I could add that as #2 but I'll just do a combine gushing here.

2. Loving these art posters from Loose Petals on Etsy. Since I work in the travel industry now, these seem like perfect additions to the office. I've already a purchased a Dallas print and am now undecided as to my next favorite. They're all fantastic!

1. Totally random baby panda! Sophy has started saying "bear" which sounds a lot more like "beer" than "bear". It's the best thing ever. We call her Sophy Bear or just "bear" so it's extra cute. I drove her to school every morning and we practice saying "Mommy", "Daddy", etc. When we get to Sophy she just giggles. Sigh. Heart melts. I hope to catch up on all of my bear snuggles this weekend!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peace, Love, Om

I signed up to do a show this fall and hadn't really expected to be accepted but I was. Yay! Now, I have to get my tail in gear and get some goodies made. I have a small amount of pieces done but really want to get a lot more stuff finished and also stock the Etsy store. I'm thinking I need to start that now to maybe do a holiday push.

While I got 3 pieces done last night, note mostly assembly since this would be quite a feat given how like to mull over the details before I commit. I happened to glance around my desk and noticed my saints medals sitting next to my little Buddha. I  had drilled a hole in him over the weekend playing with my fancy drill. Hubby did a great job with that Christmas gift. But had just set him aside until I decided what I wanted to do with him. He looked pretty comfortable with my little Madonna charm. Then, over in the corner of my mat I saw my crystal. Hmmm, I lined the 3 up and loved them. Little good luck/positive karma going there. Who couldn't use more of that? I dug around until I found an extra branch piece and wired them on. Love.

Next decision was the chain. I could've gone with actual chain but didn't have any that felt hefty enough. They were all relatively delicate and I wanted something that would hold up with the larger charms. My eye caught this vintage rosary chain I had attached to soldered charm and tried it on this piece. It was an immediate hit. This is the kind of thing I need to be adding to my trays for store/shows but right now it's resting comfortably around my neck. Maybe it's a test drive, maybe a new personal favorite?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guthrie was good to us

So this is basically a giant post of family shots from last weekend. I couldn't resist the toddler cuteness.

Sophy in her new flight jacket Grandad bought for her. It's Daddy's new favorite. If he could put her in her Star Wars onesies and her jacket everyday I pretty sure he would.

A new Halloween outfit from Grandma. She can kind say "Grandma" now and it makes my heart melt. Aunt Jeni also got her a super cute outfit but it missed the pictures. There's also a new baby, bear, baby sized wagon, and a couple of books. Nope, not spoiled at all.

Aunt Jeni watching her navigate the stairs. They were tall stairs and she made it. Mostly.

My Mom and I. We did not coordinate the pink on purpose but it's a nice happy accident.

Baby snuggles. She wasn't feeling like a photo shoot and became a little resistant. Daddy was quick and got a pretty good one.

How can you not love a toddler in pigtails with her monkey. So. Cute.

Stair climbing is hard work. A little sippy before she heads back to it.

Tasty goodness that is Cracker Barrel. This bib from Wal-Mart is fantastic. It has a little pocket at the bottom to catch everything. Greatness.

I said "No Pictures MOMMY!".

Well maybe one more with scrunch face. No resisting this.

Daddy and Sophy out for a stroll. I know some people hate the "leashes" but she loves her Monkey and it makes me feel better that she can't just dart out into the street. She pretty much refuses to hold your hand unless it's at her request and then she prefers a parent on each side swinging her. So, Monkey is the winner with her feeling independent and Mommy not having a stroke. Mommy not having a stroke is a big win with Daddy.

"Hi, my name is Sophy Huff and I'm addicted to Peppa Pig. And pacis." Although we've started hiding the pacifiers except at bedtime and she hasn't noticed. She only demands monkey when we get in the care. I cave. I know.

Sophy with Grandma and Aunt Jeni. Such a great picture for a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fall Means Pink... apparently.

In case you haven't talked to me in the last five minutes, I'm impatiently awaiting the arrival of fall. And what's been catching my eye lately has been pink. This is not new. I'm pretty well known for pink. I know. Shocking. But fall normally makes me wish I could easily wear red, start eyeing the Land's End cardigans, thinking about warm weather options that wouldn't normally include pink.
Now, it's everywhere!


I think it all started with these. I saw them weeks ago but wasn't happy with the price point. I decided the days of a new pair of Uggs every fall were over. I moved on. But now, I'm crazy excited about how I got these boots for nearly nothing. Seriously, nothing! I had saved up my last couple of Nordstrom Notes (reward $) and hoarded it with my Nordstrom's gift card I got a couple of months ago and waited to find something I really, really loved. Normally, I cave and buy gifts or toddler (not a baby anymore.. sob) items but this time the husband was pretty adamant that I save them on a me thing. I saw these boots on sale for $113.86 down from $169.95. To be incredibly specific. I had $25 on the GC and $80 in notes so $114 - $105 equals these babies on their way to my house! I think my fiscal saving karma paid off. Now I have to start hoarding my stuff for deals but not in an extreme coupon kind of way that's too much. No one needs a "stockpile" of mashed potato flakes. Stockpiles of Uggs? Yes. 10,000 capri suns? No.


The pink parade continued. I saw a super cute mint green bunny sweater on Jenny Holiday's blog and had to check it out immediately. It led me to this cute little hedgehog that I had to have. HAD TO HAVE. No clue why but I did. Husband approved purchase! Not totally wheels off on the fiscal responsibility. Yet. If it works out I may have to add all of the options to my collection. See, there's that slippery slope! I did do a quick poll to make sure it wasn't "too young" for me. I typically don't worry about it but something about this made me do a straw man. I think I can do a similar styling as this to make it a little more "grown up". I have some black capri's that are also perfect for this with some flats. Can't wait for gorgeous 70's patio weather! Anyway. Target also has a version in purple with unicorns that are also on the love list. Oddly, the gray option with the black star and the grey/black hearts were my least favorite options but most were likely to fit into my current wardrobe. Maybe I finally let the voice of my husband in my head chanting "no more black!" gain a little footing. It won't last. Remember earlier in the paragraph where I was pairing it with black pants! It totally didn't take.

These are Miu Miu runway images from google and I would like one of everything. I had a similar style pink bag that was a cheap version from Guess but it made it to the giveaway pile after my husband expressed his loathing with every viewing of it. Loathing is being generous by the way. Love that coat. That pink coat looks you could just cuddle up with it and a cup of cocoa and you're set for winter. That's probably not what they had in mind.