Sunday, August 04, 2013

Park Visit

It was really pretty this morning, still hot, but really pretty. We packed up before it became too scorching and biked to the park. Sophy got her bike carrier this spring but was not a fan. She looked terrified and was ready to get out after her initial ride.I decided another trip with a swing and jungle gym pay off might be enough for her to reconsider.

As you can see, still skeptical but super cute.

The park by our house is awesome. There's several miles of trails, swings and play equipment and Cricket! Sunday morning is the local Cricket Club (?) with everyone in white. Love it.  No idea if anyone's any good but I just like that they're out there running wild with cricket bats looking nifty in the white uniforms.

First couple passes down the slide required a little help from Daddy. After that, she was loving it on her own. That's pretty much how she rolls. She's got this.

Swings are still a favorite, she giggles and giggles with each push but you have to stand at the end and grab her hand/foot. I have no idea why.

Running on the play gym. She's a lot more grown up than I'm prepared for at this point. She's running everywhere!

Well, maybe she's still got a little growing. :) Her romper's still pretty big!

The biking was a big hit. She sat back drinking her water yelling "weeeeee" with Daddy. The ride was fantastic and really nice through the shady portions. Wasn't even that hot. Unfortunately our planning did not account for all the hills at the end on the way home. Oy. Next time, reverse route to the playground.

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