Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby!

One year ago this little bundle of love came to our family. We've had some rough moments but mostly it's been incredible with out little cutie bear. She's almost always happy and loves everybody. She's always had her own personality but it's fantastic to watch as she gets more opinionated. Sophy throws fits when she doesn't get her way and almost immediately snaps out of it as she gets distracted by something new asking "What's that? Who's that?"

For her birthday today she's started walking on her own. Running towards  us giggling when we call with her arms open wide. I hope that's how she always goes through life.

We love you Sophy bear. I couldn't imagine life without you and can't wait to see what you do next.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Sick. Again.

I have no idea what the problem is but it's exhausting and frustrating. I have several updates but I'm going to take a scalding bath, benadryl and hope for a better morning.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last Saturday: What was for dinner...

And this is what we had for dinner last Saturday but I forgot to post! Oy!

Anyway, we hit the road early to make sure we got to the bakery early to get all the good stuff. Turns out we got there a little too early as they were still putting everything out 20 minutes after opening. This kind of thing drives me crazy because a) I'm crazy and b) I'm a control freak. We were having some friends over for dinner paying homage to The Barefoot Contessa.

But we did procure some tasty bread and croissants. Yum.

For once I did do some actual planning and set the table before everyone arrived so it was pretty cute with several small vases of tulips and my super cute Jonathan Adler pig butter dish. My congratulatory new job gift from my hubby last June. And yes, it was perfect for me because I'm a weirdo.  So here's the before shot...

After, with beef bourginon which was pretty tasty. You can also see the lovely bread from fancy bakery. Photo was provided by my friend Randall as I was super tired and ready to eat by then. There had been a fancy cheese platter breakage incident that had me off my game timing wise.

With spring coming in any minute, we've got some cookouts in the future. Rolland mans the grill and makes a fantastic salmon and grilled burgers. Can't wait. I'm trying to take my laissez faire approach to summer that served me well the last two years. Burgers, maxi dresses and baseball. It's the only way to get through a Texas summer.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cannelloni al Forno

I made Cannelloni al Forno for dinner via Mario Batali. But be warned the recipe, on Food Network and The Chew, are both wrong in that they suggest you fill the pasta then blanche it. Seeing as how that would end with all of your filling floating in the pasta water turning into a disgusting mess I would suggest filling post pasta blanching. Also, I'm volunteering as a recipe tester for both of these folks. Seriously, dream job. I could stand chopping, stirring and whisking all day.

Nigella Lawson often talks about how things aren't hard but time consuming. On this one she would be exactly right. Also, I kind of have a crush on Nigella Lawson and refuse to watch The Taste and still think of her back on the original Nigella Bites. Digressing. All of these steps are pretty straight forward, especially if you have the basics for making a roux and sauces, super easy. Time consuming. Especially with a nearly 1 year old sous chef... she's 1 on Thursday and I'm still in denial (but birthday party items procured!).

Here's the sausage filling which is basically sausage gravy with Italian hot/sweet sausages. I used turkey with Parmesan cheese.

The pasta dough which is the second batch as the first version I tried by hand would've been a dried out mess. The kitchen aid, plus an added egg and an additional 1/2 cup of flour, had it into a ball of eggy goodness in no time. Best kitchen gadget ever. Totally worth the investment.

Basic tomato sauce (I used the immersion blender to make it pretty smooth). Large batch into the freezer for dinner next week. It's yummy and may replace all bottle sauces in the future.

Finished product. Yummy.

Sophy totally approved and ate nearly an entire portion herself. Her love of cheese is not surprising.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to my two favorite people! I love you more than all of my good leather bags and even my books.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Klyde Warren Park

We took a family outing to downtown Dallas to visit Klyde Warren Park and check out the food trucks. It was relatively crowded when we got there at 1 but it was really filling up by the time we left about an hour later. It was gorgeous out with great views of Big D. It made me miss working downtown and the perks of at least city visiting. Rolland mentioned his favorite sports radio guys loved the park but felt like it really had a lot going on. Probably too much and I think I agree. I think the reading area with supplied material is kind of silly and there's a ton of stuff for kids to do that made me a little sad to think we feel like we have to supply them with all of this stuff vs old school use your imagination and just run like a kid through the damn park already... I digress.

Rolland had his favorite banh mi sandwich with shrimp chips. I stuff with a hot dog and chips. All tasty.

Super fancy Museum Tower.

Working on overcoming picture shyness so here I am. Bad hair day and all. :)

Performing arts center and modern sculpture in the back along with One Arts Plaza. More fanciness.

New Perot Museum in the background with the external escalator.

Sophy was not impressed.

Unnecessary (in my opinion) reading selections.

She did enjoy the shrimp chips.

Fly over by Southwest was freaking some folks out. I may have giggled. A lot.

Waiting for his tasty sandwich.

We also picked up a new side table at West Elm and I've got banana bread in the oven. Fairly perfect Sunday.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Odd and Random

I'm tired. Not just need more sleep and I'll be fine tired but burned out and I'm pretty sure it will never end tired. So... I'm going to talk about pretty things that make me happy.

My Land's End purchases were fantastic especially the chevron dress and the Joan dress. Rolland approved highly of both.

These shoes are greatness. I've discussed lots my inability to walk in heels without risking death but for these I might risk it. LOVE.

I've also got this great little book,The Little Paris Kitchen: 120 Simple But Classic French Recipes ,
on the way

I saw it last weekend at Anthro but couldn't justify the full price when Amazon is soo much cheaper allowing for more future book purchases along with super cute baby clothes.

Our house is also into 1st b-day planning which isn't much really. Ordered a few super cute party elements, also via Amazon (I pay for prime and I'm using it!), and found some cute plates/cups. I need to compare with party supply before ordering. I hate to ship if I don't have too.... ignore book purchase above since saving $12 bucks is "have to" in this era of fiscal frugality.

Also loving this print from Zutano. Frankly, I love most all of Zutano but wait for sales. Sophy could go to college or be a super cute baby with these prices.

Tomorrow equals Trader Joe's and Rudy's breakfast tacos. Giant yum! Ok, 9:45 on Friday night and I'm heading to bed. Maybe it will help take the tired edge of just a little.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sunday Musing

It's been pretty low key in our house after a crazy work week. Since I switched jobs last June it's a nice 8-5 environment so I can't really complain especially compared to my previous gig. Even with the craziness I still miss my work crew and the ensuing zaniness. Mostly I still keep in touch and can't wait until Sophy's birthday for another group meet up. It's all a little bittersweet and catches up to me at weird times. Last week is one of them. I've mostly pushed through and have recovered enough to shop and add a few new items to the wardrobe even in our frugal times. Sale people, sale!

These are some new goodies on their way to my hot little hands as we speak. I wasn't sure about this one but Rolland co-signed and at $30 bucks it was hard to resist.

In channeling my inner Joan from Mad Men, if you had to click the link you need to get yourself caught up on Mad Men pronto, I couldn't resist this. I also think it will be perfect for a date night on our trip to Seattle next month.

I have resisted this and this but I'm keeping my eye on them in case of a significant coupon.

This shirt is on my spring must have list and am currently saving pennies. I'm even hunting down a version of the orange necklace at some point in the future. Fantastic styling for my super preppy wish list must have for my white jeans.

In our mini-shopping weekend we picked up a few Mini Boden items for Sophy Bear. Love their clothes but they're pretty pricey so stocking up while I can. When she hits two she's going to be rocking some super cute outfits. We did splurge on her birthday dress. Soooo cute. Can't wait. I also got a text that my sister, Debbie, who lives in Austin was in town with her son for a tennis tournament so we caught up for brunch today. Got some good pics. Also the first time I had met my nephew Jesse who is a cutie. He's a fantastic tennis player and was kicking some tennis tail at Allen High School. Go Jesse!
This week I need to get back to the regular gym attendance. Dreading those 4:30 am wake up calls though. Not much else planned and that's nice. Dinner at home and a little tv time... OH! Are you watching The Americans? I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It's filling my Homeland void since having cut of movie channels. Also loving Continuum. Even Rolland likes it and he typically hates all Syfy programming. A few more new shows starting and adding to DVR. I'll report back once I remember what they are and if I'm enjoying them.

Happy Sunday and back to football now that the lights are back on... I mean really people, things that you should double check include cords, fuses and wattage Beyonce may need for lip synching. Yep, I said it.