Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thwack ....

Uhm, noted. Smack in the head from the universe in the form of a post by Anne Lamont. Go here for your own personal smack in the head.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

It's a quiet day at our house but with lots of tasty food planned and a little decking of the halls. I'm thankful for this little cutey everyday along with her Daddy who is also a cutey. I'm thankful for family and friends, that we have good jobs, house, cars, food and rarely consider the price of milk before purchasing. For a lot of people that's a huge luxury and easy for us to take for granted. During this holiday season help out when you can with whatever you can do. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Austin day trip and a Wedding

We had a quick day in Austin last weekend and it was 50/50 in terms of super fan to pain in the ass. We had intended to get there on Friday evening for a rehearsal dinner, we went down for our friends Suzanne and Jairy who got married (woo hoo!), but a giant nail in the tire foiled that plan. We did finally make it to find our room was not what we hoped with an incredibly uncomfortable bed and a questionable pack and play with stains we ignored and covered in blankets.  The weather and wedding was beautiful and I have a few pics on the point and shot but so far it's been crazy busy so these are right now all you're getting are the few pics from my phone. Say what you want about smartphones taking over our lives, but without my iphone I would never have any pics in any kind of a reasonable time frame.

Sophy and Daddy getting ready to head out for breakfast. Sophy is pointing out the view of Austin. I also enjoy this one since you can't see the Movember (or the John Holmes tribute mustache) growth yet. It's for a good cause and all but seriously, hate Movember and Rolland loves how much I hate it. There may have been giggling. I'm sure this will be a thing they will both drive me crazy about when she's older and has expanded her come by it honest family taunting gene.

Snuggling at the Elizabeth Street Cafe which was fantastic! It was on a really lovely street with awesome cafe tables on the patio. I'm already plotting a pea gravel cafe area off our covered patio. As soon as we get gutters and a reasonable plan for backyard decorating. sigh.

She is a big girl and loves her sippy cup. I can't believe she is sitting in high chairs all on her own. Still refusing most food even the fancy glazed donuts.

Rolland's breakfast pho. He could eat pho everyday and be very very happy.

My daily breakfast of ham and cheese croissant and mexican coke. Seriously. Every morning and I love it! When I finally get croissant burn out it will be a sad day.

Fancy french glazed donuts that I wanted to love but they were just meh. They tasted doughy in a not done way vs a tasty uber tender kind of way. The glaze was sweet enough to immediately cause a toothache but was tasty.

Chewbeads are my new favorite thing and permanent go to baby gift. Pretty stylish for a rubber necklace and can entertain Sophy for a fair amount of time. At least to get most of your meal down.

Toy Joy in Austin! Love it and first visit where we could make Sophy purchases. We only selected two items on this visit. R2D2 lights for Daddy and Ice Bat with baby for Sophy. She's a fan.

This chair has dorm room written all over it and will not be coming home with us. Cute photo op though.

Oh my God tasty pizza from heaven! Seriously, this was soooo good I may have eaten all but 2 slices. Everything here looked good and unfortunately I don't remember the name. It was off of 2nd in Austin downtown across from the Wee baby store if that helps. How could you not find it with these clear and explicit directions?

Getting ready for wedding in dress my Mom made. There's also a jacket and super cute pics on the other camera.

Mommy and Sophy at lunch and at the wedding below.

The wedding was at Springdale Farm and totally magical. I made Suzanne's necklace that she wore and totally forgot to take pics. It was a lot of pressure since I wanted it to be perfect and ended up looking great. Her dress was incredible and the entire look was fantastic. They were both gorgeous and super cute.  No words for how happy I am for them and wish them nothing but love and happiness for a lifetime. Thanks for including us in your day!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Blue States Rule

and to that ... WOO HOO!

Love myself some Obamacare, Marriage Equality (not just civil unions but actual marriage equality), women's rights, and lots more democratic goodness.