Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October Goodness

October is my favorite month. By October fall is settled in and the heat of summer is entirely replaced by the crisp edge that hints of winter. Windows are open at night, extra blankets are added to the bed and the sky seems to have a slightly deeper tint on the perfect lovely blue that spring always promises but fall delivers. The moon is huge and starts to peek through the dormer over my front door and I know I can safely pull out the heavy sweaters and corduroy pants.

This October, I have planned to take advantage of every minute of fall goodness:

1. Round Top show this weekend - incredible antiques near Austin
2. Urban Bazaar
3. Visit from my family to plan next fall's New England road trip - I need to start reading up. 3 guide books have been purchased so far! I love to plan a trip. We're also going to check out Jimmy's Food Store and the McKinney Square (this is easy since it's about a mile away!).
4. Visiting Maija in Phoenix and taking a couple of these classes
5. First Monday with Jen and Bo - we are ladies who love the vintage, furniture and roasted corn!
6. Halloween candy shopping - this will require a couple of rounds since I like to get the good stuff then panic I don't have enough
7. I think we're going to visit the State Fair since we hate to miss out on the fried butter. Actually, I think I can but it's nice to know it's an option.
8. My friend Kate and I are practicing our cooking skills and thinking about pastry. The class we were signed up for tomorrow has canceled so I think we're going to take matters into our own hands.
9. I have to finish the dining room paint project. Mostly before the family arrives so I can get the ladders out of the dining room!
10. I'm getting ambitious and planning to paint the bedroom. I'm not sure where this fits into the above!

See, fall is awesome since you can do all of the above without worrying about melting into an unattractive pile of goo!

What do you have planned for October?

Monday, September 28, 2009


I just got back from a super quick road trip to Marfa, Texas. Suzanne, who is an incredible graphic designer and artist, had a friend getting married in Marfa and wanted a road trip buddy so I quickly volunteered. Travel, Cracker Barrel and artsy desert town? I'm in!

We hit the road early Sat morning and after an unexpected detour to Midland to the AT&T store we made it to Marfa in record time (well, I did get two warnings from two different officers but no ticket, no foul!). We stayed at the fabulous Thunderbird Hotel and had super tasty pizza at Pizza Foundation. Seriously, super tasty with a lovely patio so if you go for a few days you may need to check this out a couple of times to just make sure you get all the tasty goodness in you can.

After the pizza goodness we checked out the town a little, scoped out the wedding location and then got cleaned up and headed back out. The wedding was at the Marfa Mystery Lights viewing area which is off the highway and incredibly beautiful. We got there a little before sunset so we saw all the phases of the light on the desert. The ceremony was awesome and fun with the perfect blend of romance and funny. Greatness. We all stuck around until we got our fill of the super cool mystery lights then headed for the reception back in town at Padre's. Padre's is a bar and the home of the most tasty burger I think I've ever had. I may have to return a few times just to verify!

The next morning we got a quick breakfast in the hotel lounge and hit the highway for home. We took the detour to visit the Prada installation near Valentine. Super cool and worth the extra hour. After that not much to see. Luckily you can't miss a Sonic or a Dairy Queen when road tripping through Texas so we were well supplied! You can check all of our trip pics out here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

More Marie

I know I've been the worst blogger ever but it just wasn't on the miles long "to do" list so I got behind. I've finally got myself back down to one page but it's touch and go. Mostly being sick for a month can really cause things to pile up. Dust, dog fur tumble weeds, blogging, etc but I'm fully recovered thanks to my super pretty Tiffany blue antibiotics and a hubby who enforces a bed time.

In my delay, I missed these pages to keep you up to date on the Marie pages that have gone out. I've got another one 3/4's finished and ready for scanning this week. This fall is crazy busy but I kind of love it. There's lots of fun stuff coming up so I hope to update more frequently and with lots of pretty pics.