Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Catch Up

One would think with a super new fancy 5 minute commute you'd get all the time in the world back but so far that's only true in the morning, which don't get me wrong is fantastic. But, my days have started stretching out fairly long into the evening so my plan for taking over the kitchen every night and pulling a Donna Reed has not worked out. Luckily, the husband is terrific and hasn't complained once and has even handled dinner. I'm not giving up the kitchen dream and plan to get back on the bandwagon post Memorial Day.

I'm also behind in the blogging but I'm slowly going through my pictures that have seriously accumulated on the camera. This one is a favorite wall pic I snapped in Vegas. Louis Vuitton was everywhere including a new 3 story store in Aria. I was overcome with the need for purchasing fine leather goods but resisted the astronomical prices. We did wonder about the woman purchasing 5 bags at once. I hope they ship!

Still finalizing my plans for summer vacation, working on serious summer to do list as summer and are working on making friends, or at least not being hated enemies. We'll see how it goes.

Heading to the office, happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vegas Baby!

We've come to Vegas for a long weekend with tasty food and excellent shopping. It's the last night and I've borrowed the hubby's iPad for a quick check in. I'm also working on my list for things i want to do this summer. It's already long but I'm open to suggestions!

Happy Sunday!