Wednesday, August 07, 2013

50 Shades of Gold

I couldn't resist the title although I hated the book. Hate isn't a strong enough word. Ugh, I'm irritated it exists all over again. I don't care about all the sex but it was badly written sex. It was the worst sort of fan fiction made popular. I have no problems with fan fiction since some of it is phenomenal as long as the authors don't mind that is. But, that's not really what this post is about. I finished this necklace last weekend and it's quickly becoming a favorite piece. I haven't worn it out into the world yet but I love it.

I am really digging all the shades of gold and silver. The image below makes the main beads seem more silver but they're not. They're a great mix of gold/silver with some black patina mixed in. The Rachel Zoe Project actually used the word "gilver" and I'm not sure it's a real thing. But, that's what these beads are. I got the them and the a string of the heart beads (and a few others) from one of my favorite vendors. That's actually down playing it. I would probably sell all of my worldly goods to get some of his wares but then I'd have no where to keep them. Ugh!  He was at a monthly market a couple of months ago and a bead show before that so I could slowly build up my stock. The beads are apparently from the same manufacturer who made beads and whatnot for Chanel in the 70's. Regardless, they're the perfect.

The main focal is a heart connected with a vintage swarovski rhinestone bead connected to an old crucifix. I normally avoid wearing crucifixes and crosses (I don't know why) but I loved this one. It just feels like it was well worn and loved. I like having that kind of energy around. The main focals are wire wrapped for more sturdiness but the main beading is simply a rosary style chain. I had a great old rhinestone clasp I wanted to use but it wasn't sturdy enough. I used a simple modern magnetic clasp. It might be a little harder for Sophy to yank off. Yay!

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