Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Creation Space

I have an entire studio to work in and yet, I always find myself down to this much space! Here's my charm assembly line.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green and fun

I think all of the eco talk the last few weeks inspired me to use the green background. I had intended to use a vintage image but that went horribly wrong so I had fun with this one. I have serious diamond envy over her necklace and earrings!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


It has become very popular in the world of blogs to share what we're grateful for and spread the thankfulness. Now, I'm not particularly con this because that would be mean but I'm also not someone who tends to emote their feelings either. This brings me to my own particular post about being grateful. Here's why I'm grateful. I've found a spouse who, even though he hates it, is willing to work on art projects with me. Late at night. In his pjs. Seriously, this is love. He's filling the bottle caps with resin because he's concerned the toxins will have adverse reactions with my head and cause a migraine. He's probably right but I would've done it. Yet, here he is, fairly late at night, mixing highly toxic chemicals in the garage. All of this when I've been in charge of his lunches and turned them vegetarian with large quantities of broccoli.

Although he never reads this, it's out there for all of you to know. Public and everything. I really love my husband and more than that, I kind of like him too. Don't tell or there's no living with him.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Over It

My friend Tina had that posted as her status on Facebook (all the cool kids are on it!) and it cracked me up. Yesterday, I knew exactly what she meant! Seriously, it was a rough day that I think was just compounded by the air conditioning trauma (my husband's truck has to have a new one also!). I'm telling you, Texas is no place to be if you can't tolerate hell-like temperatures.

By evening, my day had improved significantly as I dropped my items off for Urban Bazaar. I'm not sure I've mentioned it before. :) I decided to provide a charm and the original collage the charm was made from so people got a sense of the whole process. Then Suzanne and I went to a work happy hour, which I never go to, mostly because I don't drink, but it was really nice. Chatting on the patio with everyone. Seeing everyone detoxing from their rough day as well. It started to rain about 7:15 so I hit the bricks for the 3 block walk back to my car, no big deal until it really started raining so I dug out my umbrella which ripped open the skin on my knuckle and I had blood running down my hand for the next 2 blocks. Yep, I was over it all right! I'm not sure if no one bothered me because a) it's really not that bad downtown b) it was raining and everyone just wanted in or c) I looked like the crazy person!

Today is going to be gorgeous and wonderful though. I have big soldering plans for after work (I have 6 pieces made for the show!) and I was surprised to see my TIVO recorded "Men in Trees" (shut up, it's awesome!) so tonight is going to rock. Plus, it's almost the weekend and that's always great!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bottle Cap Assembly Line

Here are some of the bottle caps in process that we're working on for the upcoming show. I always think they're lots of fun and make perfect gifts. Some may even find their way into my Etsy store. We've tried resin as the fill on these and I think it's going to work better but it's certainly much more toxic than Diamond Glaze!

Also, we have to have all new air conditioning put in the house. Yes, the house we're going to sell in a few months. The good news is that at least we're going into the summer months and can get great use out of it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday cupcakes

I got a little behind in processing the photos on my memory card! These are the cupcakes Rolland got me for my b-day. There's red velvet and milk chocolate/vanilla for me. He got cinnamon sugar and coconut for his selections. These are from Sprinkles and while pricey, they are super tasty! Williams-Sonoma carries the mix now so you can make your own if there's not one near you.

I got a lot of soldering done tonight, just waiting on jump rings. I finished 3 charms entirely (I know, I know, I'm working on it). We also got a ton of bottle caps waiting on resin. Who knew it would go old? :) Also, Rolland started helping me out with jump rings on the bottle caps and cutting glass. We also had a soldering lesson tonight and he's pretty awesome! It's like he's been doing it forever, he's much better than I was on my first attempts. He has no idea what's in store for him if he keeps practicing!

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Have a great Monday!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Main Street Art Festival

The festival today was amazing! There was some glorious work to be had so Jen and I did our best to make a dent. Sadly, our wallets and stamina ran out before our enthusiasm. We were still chipper as we dragged our bedraggled selves, and wonderful purchases, back to the car. This artist, was one of my favorites and I bought one of his prints "Faith", which is going to be front and center as inspiration in the new studio, and I was thrilled that he wrote a message and signed it. I really wanted 1 of everything but I resisted. He was really charming and spent a lot of time with people who had questions, customers and general traffic. There was a lot of it.

I also picked up another piece "Trick or Treat" from Debbie Little-Wilson. She's a Texas artist that I found in Fredricksburg and have loved for a long time. Her work always reminds me of Deb Trotter. It was awesome to actually meet Debbie and talk to her about her work. She was really sweet and seemed excited to be meeting customers.

I found some prints of photos that are of nose art that are going in Rolland's study so there was something to be found for everyone in the family. I do think the best thing about the experience, besides seeing all the gorgeous work, was having a chance to spend time with the artists and walking through all the different points of view and how that manifests itself in the work. I can't recommend it enough. I've got pics to share but I'm wiped out and planning to head for bed to rest up for my day of soldering tomorrow.

P.S. If you go, wear sunscreen. I did not partake of Jen's, and while my lotion with SPF held up, the bare area of my chest and cleavage (no, it's not funny! Yes, my tank top was pretty low cut) is more than a little pink. There's a charming (pun intended) white square where it did not burn because of the pendant I was wearing. Shut up, this could happen to you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Urban Bazaar

My friend, Suzanne, and I are going to be vendors at the Urban Bazaar on May 10th! I'm super excited but am trying to get lots of things made like a mad woman. It's made more tricky since I can't get to my soldering iron with all the boxes in the garage. Rolland's working on it tomorrow while I run wild at the Ft Worth Main Street Arts Festival tomorrow. I'm planning to take a ton of photos and gets lots of ideas on booth design, pricing, etc. I'm completely aware that this group is in a much different place artistically than I am, but I'm finally toe dipping out into the world. I hope the water's not too cold!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Marie Antoinette colors!

I made this fun little piece when I was watching "Marie Antoinette" and was really inspired with the blues and the pinks. I also used my new favorite white pen that Anahata raved about and was listed on her supply list. She's right. It's awesome!

Other than that it's been fairly quiet around here except for the major thunderstorms! Puppies had to go into full on scaredy mode. There was lots of jumping from parent to parent and shaking. Now, they're sprawled out in the floor and snoring away trying to re-gain some strength lost in the massive panic attacks!

Okay, blogger is refusing to post the photo and I'm tired of fighting with it and am going to bed. It's almost the weekend which means Fort Worth Art Show and I might be able to get to my soldering iron!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Favorite Image

This is one of my favorite images. I love the wistful expression along with the stark black and white of the image. It's one of the many fabulous images in this terrific book The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration.

We went on our first meeting of the new house with our field manager today and it was amazing to see the forms and the grating on the yard. It's very exciting that it's underway! The target date for completion is Sept 4th so we'll see if we're in and settled for Halloween.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brooke's Mirror

I mentioned making a mirror for my brother and sister-in-law but on the same visit, Sandi's sister Brooke also mentioned that she might like to have a mirror only slightly girlier. This is the result.

Today has been a horrible migraine day, I see the neurologist tomorrow thank goodness! So this one is going to be pretty short since I'm off to bed and a quiet room.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Blog Banner

I've been playing with photoshop and the new blog banner is a victim, er, first attempt. What do you think?

p.s. The china doll head is one of my new favorite things, much to my husband's surprise. Look for her to come up in fun new ways.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beauty behind glass

I worked on this piece over a couple of weeks but primarily last weekend. I intended it to be a Christmas piece but it was not meant to be. This box started out life as a box holding dominoes with a sturdy piece of glass that slid in the sides to hold the dominoes. Once I made good use of the dominoes, this box was next! I painted it with a red glaze, inside and out, then decided it needed something so I added the feet, painted white, from wooden pieces I got at Michael's. I also scalloped the sides with white glaze outlined in charcoal pencil. Next, I decided the inside needed polka dots then a white glaze was across the back. A gel transfer with antique text, shading with charcoal pencil and the back of the box was done. The image of the women is a vintage paper doll that I scanned and sized to fit. I mounted the image on foam and then trimmed it and glued it in. I think it adds a nice dimensional effect.

Now for the finishing touches. I had this gorgeous fabric flower from Art Nest that had been sitting on my desk calling to me so it was added to the inside bottom of the piece. Then it needed a little sparkle so some vintage turquoise flowers nestled into the fabric brought out the color in the paper doll. Rub on words in red and I was mostly pleased. I wanted to add something to the top so the little glass knob, scallops and more polka dots with some word bubbles down the side did the trick. Now if there was only a touch more sparkle I thought. Viola! A rhinestone bracelet cut to fit across the bottom finished it off and now I think she's all done!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Birthday Girl

Yep, yesterday was my birthday and fun was definitely had by me! My husband got me a really lovely dragonfly bracelet made of peridot and aquamarine. I love it! Bracelets must have been in the air because my friend Jen got me this awesome stretch bracelets that are exactly my taste. And as if that wasn't enough, my sister-in-law sent my a gift card to Target so I got this and this . Clearly I've mentioned this once or twice because my friend Suzanne gave me this. My Mom-in-law sent a card with a little $ so I was unbelievably excited to get the new Harry Dresden. Yes, I'm a giant geek but I've learned to embrace it. My friend Mark also made sure to spread the word so I was shockingly greeted to lots of people wishing me a happy birthday, he also took me to lunch. Mark rocks!

My Mom asked me what I wanted for my b-day and for once I didn't play coy. I sent her the link to the steel bench blocks I've coveted for years and she came through. My sister got me these while she got me the dapping block that I hinted would make an awesome Christmas gift. It should arrive in the next day or so with pics to follow. Again, because I'm a giant geek.

As if that weren't enough, when my brother visited I got my b-day presents early (in addition to a box of Missouri specific goodies. We're still munching on the taco sauce. Yes, I know I live in Texas. Yes I know I said Missouri). And among other things, I got this incredible bag by blue Q. It's not allowed to leave the house because it might get dirty. I also got Marley and Me - I have to psyche myself up for it since I know it's going to be awesome and then sad... I just suspect, I'm not spoiling or anything here.

Okay that's enough about me but it was my birthday and this is my blog so I can show how incredibly lucky and spoiled I am all I want! You know I'll get my come uppance the next time I have to any way be coordinated and trip over my shoelaces and go sprawling in front of my building at 8 am as everyone is walking in. Not that this has happened, nope no way, I'm just saying is all.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another coveted Pegasus

This is another pegasus I have my eye on. I love the mosiac version that gives it such a wonderful texture and the color is really gorgeous. If you want your own picture of this pegasus, it can be found at the NE corner of Preston and Royal across the street from my favorite Borders. :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Symbolic Icon on a small scale

Last week I had fun playing in my studio and came up with this piece. I really struggled in Anahata's icon class but I think some of it must have sunk in since it really comes across in this piece, which isn't my usual style at all. I really enjoyed stepping outside my usual colors and techniques to use more pen and fewer collage elements to fill in the space. Admittedly, it helped to work on a much scale of 5x7 than 11x14 that we used in class. When you get used to working on the 1 1/2 x 2 scale, 5x7 seems huge.

Just in case you can't read the text it says "She believed in herself, even when she had to dance in her panties." Uhm, clearly the pic spoke to me and had a story to tell! Really, I have no defense here but I still love it and stand by it being appropriate to the piece. Plus, it was really late at night when I worked on it. :)

Tomorrow's Friday so I'm really going to run wild, I might stay up until midnight tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My brother the Easter Bunny

My favorite pic of my brother was taken at Starbucks on Easter. I think it's next year's card for sure!

Here's another one of he and I at the 6th Floor Museum in downtown Dallas.

The gang at IKEA, I mean, who doesn't love IKEA??? Just look at these thrilled faces!