Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fall Means Pink... apparently.

In case you haven't talked to me in the last five minutes, I'm impatiently awaiting the arrival of fall. And what's been catching my eye lately has been pink. This is not new. I'm pretty well known for pink. I know. Shocking. But fall normally makes me wish I could easily wear red, start eyeing the Land's End cardigans, thinking about warm weather options that wouldn't normally include pink.
Now, it's everywhere!


I think it all started with these. I saw them weeks ago but wasn't happy with the price point. I decided the days of a new pair of Uggs every fall were over. I moved on. But now, I'm crazy excited about how I got these boots for nearly nothing. Seriously, nothing! I had saved up my last couple of Nordstrom Notes (reward $) and hoarded it with my Nordstrom's gift card I got a couple of months ago and waited to find something I really, really loved. Normally, I cave and buy gifts or toddler (not a baby anymore.. sob) items but this time the husband was pretty adamant that I save them on a me thing. I saw these boots on sale for $113.86 down from $169.95. To be incredibly specific. I had $25 on the GC and $80 in notes so $114 - $105 equals these babies on their way to my house! I think my fiscal saving karma paid off. Now I have to start hoarding my stuff for deals but not in an extreme coupon kind of way that's too much. No one needs a "stockpile" of mashed potato flakes. Stockpiles of Uggs? Yes. 10,000 capri suns? No.


The pink parade continued. I saw a super cute mint green bunny sweater on Jenny Holiday's blog and had to check it out immediately. It led me to this cute little hedgehog that I had to have. HAD TO HAVE. No clue why but I did. Husband approved purchase! Not totally wheels off on the fiscal responsibility. Yet. If it works out I may have to add all of the options to my collection. See, there's that slippery slope! I did do a quick poll to make sure it wasn't "too young" for me. I typically don't worry about it but something about this made me do a straw man. I think I can do a similar styling as this to make it a little more "grown up". I have some black capri's that are also perfect for this with some flats. Can't wait for gorgeous 70's patio weather! Anyway. Target also has a version in purple with unicorns that are also on the love list. Oddly, the gray option with the black star and the grey/black hearts were my least favorite options but most were likely to fit into my current wardrobe. Maybe I finally let the voice of my husband in my head chanting "no more black!" gain a little footing. It won't last. Remember earlier in the paragraph where I was pairing it with black pants! It totally didn't take.

These are Miu Miu runway images from google and I would like one of everything. I had a similar style pink bag that was a cheap version from Guess but it made it to the giveaway pile after my husband expressed his loathing with every viewing of it. Loathing is being generous by the way. Love that coat. That pink coat looks you could just cuddle up with it and a cup of cocoa and you're set for winter. That's probably not what they had in mind.

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