Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guthrie was good to us

So this is basically a giant post of family shots from last weekend. I couldn't resist the toddler cuteness.

Sophy in her new flight jacket Grandad bought for her. It's Daddy's new favorite. If he could put her in her Star Wars onesies and her jacket everyday I pretty sure he would.

A new Halloween outfit from Grandma. She can kind say "Grandma" now and it makes my heart melt. Aunt Jeni also got her a super cute outfit but it missed the pictures. There's also a new baby, bear, baby sized wagon, and a couple of books. Nope, not spoiled at all.

Aunt Jeni watching her navigate the stairs. They were tall stairs and she made it. Mostly.

My Mom and I. We did not coordinate the pink on purpose but it's a nice happy accident.

Baby snuggles. She wasn't feeling like a photo shoot and became a little resistant. Daddy was quick and got a pretty good one.

How can you not love a toddler in pigtails with her monkey. So. Cute.

Stair climbing is hard work. A little sippy before she heads back to it.

Tasty goodness that is Cracker Barrel. This bib from Wal-Mart is fantastic. It has a little pocket at the bottom to catch everything. Greatness.

I said "No Pictures MOMMY!".

Well maybe one more with scrunch face. No resisting this.

Daddy and Sophy out for a stroll. I know some people hate the "leashes" but she loves her Monkey and it makes me feel better that she can't just dart out into the street. She pretty much refuses to hold your hand unless it's at her request and then she prefers a parent on each side swinging her. So, Monkey is the winner with her feeling independent and Mommy not having a stroke. Mommy not having a stroke is a big win with Daddy.

"Hi, my name is Sophy Huff and I'm addicted to Peppa Pig. And pacis." Although we've started hiding the pacifiers except at bedtime and she hasn't noticed. She only demands monkey when we get in the care. I cave. I know.

Sophy with Grandma and Aunt Jeni. Such a great picture for a great weekend.

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