Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary and bathroom update

First off, today is our 14th wedding anniversary and his love for R2D2 and legos is still strong...well, I think he likes me and the puppies too. :)

On the bathroom front, today was the day they had hoped to have the bathroom finished. As you can see from the pics that is unlikely given that they just finished the tile in the shower yesterday. That only leaves the floor tile, fixing the baseboards, grouting, putting the vanity top on, moving the light fixture, painting and adding in the linen cabinet, adding the medicine cabinets, fixing the drywall, priming and painting the walls then cleaning up all their stuff out of the garage. It seems unlikely this will happen today.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marie Pages

This the Marie page I mailed last week and several bits and bobs are drying on the new one I'm hoping to mail out tomorrow. Of course, there had to be a "Let Them Eat Cake" pic and I was obsessed with the idea of a Marie cake so this seemed like the perfect fit. It also cemented my love of Copic markers and want to use them on absolutely everything. I also have bathroom pics to update but that will have to wait until the morning. Strangely, there's not that much progress to share. Go figure.

Watched the 2nd Harry Potter with my friend Suzanne since we're on a marathon to be caught up for the premier of the latest on the 15th. I think we'll make it since we're getting in two this week! Even the hubby has enjoyed re-watching. Tomorrow we'll need to play some catch up on the tivo, which is taping the latest Doctor Who as I type (YAY!), or next week won't be pretty.

p.s. Maya is back home and seems to be doing fine. The neurologist couldn't find anything so she's guessing she's one of the rare puppies that decides to start having seizures at 9. Should've known. But she's adorable and sweet so all's forgiven.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bathroom progress... or lack as seen here

So these are the progress pics for this week. I have to say I'm a little bit underwhelmed by the progress that is not being made here. The guest bathroom seemed incredibly livable when it was going to be two weeks but I'm skeptical that results will materialize incredibly next week and it will be finished. I'll even grant he mentioned it might take three but this is looking like three weeks is even optimistic. I know there has been work going on by the amount of tools packed in front of my closet door making it virtually impossible to get dressed at 6 in the morning. Thank God Rolland has much better coordination or I would be wearing my fuzzy pink Uggs and blue bathrobe to work everyday. Seriously, there better be some plumbing in here next week!

On a much more fun note, my friend Bo and I ventured into a rarely visited (by me) section of Dallas to visit Jimmy's Food Store which was beyond tasty! We had to wait an inordinately long time for Bo's sandwich but this gave us plenty of time to see the guys behind the counter work their magic and to ponder the tastiness that must reside in the huge silver pot on the stove. If you find yourself craving Italian in Big D, this is the place for you.

Our outing also gave me a chance to stumble across this awesome sign

which just gave me even more opportunity to miss Destination Truth and to ponder whether ice cream really would work to lure these beasts out of hiding or if it's best to stick with the cigarettes and rum.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Latest fun

I have been obsessed with Lisa Kaus's Dollies and wanted to take one of her workshops but so far it hasn't been doable with the schedule or the budget. I decided to tackle one on my own and it's been in pieces on my desk for a couple of months but she finally came together. I decided to layer her necklaces just like I would mine and added a little sparkle. I definitely have not mastered Lisa's beautiful glazing and layering, or the limb attachment trickery, but as a studio muse I think she's pretty good.

Now, for my other obsession, charm bracelets. My husband started one for me forever ago which is gold, not the most budget friendly, so I decided to start one in silver for places we've visited (pictured). I'm not sure the chain is going to work since it tends to get tangled but I love all the little collected charms. One of my favorites has to be the carriage from New Orleans and the Sherlock Holmes collection from London. This is giving me the perfect reason to scope out more trips!

Bathroom before and after... day 1 of demo!

Before and after pics as the demo got under way today. I hope it's clear which are which! :)

On the Maya front, she is back to her regular puppy self demanding pets and lots of crying if she can't get us all herded in the right direction. We still made an appoint for the puppy neurologist next Thursday so we'll get the fully skinny then. Hopefully. For now, we're glad to have her back to herself.

Stay tuned for more fun bathroom progress pics. Now, I'm going to bed because I'm beat. I know it's 10pm but I get up early. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Never without drama

We came home on Friday and opened the door just as Maya, our Akita, was having a seizure. Thank God Rolland's a nurse and handled it while I willed the vet to say something useful. She had another one on Sat after having gone to the vet and getting blood work then she's just been sluggish for the last day. Tonight we heard back blood work's normal and they gave us a prescription. She's much more herself tonight after having slept all day and so far so good. Apparently they can just develop this problem and it's not always a sign of worse things. I've still put in an email to the puppy neurologist though.

In the meantime, we stuck close to home and I played in my art room. This is the page, front and back, I did for Michelle's Marie book. Kecia graciously hosted a swap for us to do for Marie books but this time we all bought books with ring bindings and did a mass send out of the pages so you just complete a page and send it off. We talked about doing it at Art Nest but never got around to it so I'm glad to finally put my book to good use. It's also helping me work through my girly goody stash in the ribbon and sundries box! The idea is to be over the top with the ribbons, beads, baubles, etc.

I'm still working on going through all of my Chicago pics but here's a link to the New Orleans photos since I can't remember if I posted it previously! I have thrown in a couple of Chicago pics, just to tied you over. :)

Demo on the bathroom starts tomorrow along with all the tweet and before/after updates. Going to be a busy few weeks.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wings and Hats Controversy

So apparently the Van Cleef and Arpel window designer has not heard all about the wings and hats controversy sweeping through the mixed media world! I loved this vignette in the window along Michigan Ave in Chicago. It was a super fancy shopping district and I was terrified to take the pic. I was convinced security would snatch me up for taking a pic of their window. I worked up the courage to do it when a man walked out of the store and settled in front of the window and eyed all of the passers by. I scurried a way while Rolland laughed and then made fun of me being such a huge chicken. Finally I ran back, snapped my pic and bee lined it out of there. Clearly I decided the pokey was worth the risk to get my winged gentleman photo!