Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Fancy Camera Quick Pics

I've mentioned all over the intranets that I've cleaned off all of my memory cards for the point and shoot plus the super fancy, and newly repaired, DSLR. In doing that, we took a couple of cute Sophy candids. You know, just to make sure it worked ok.

I may never recover from this pic above. How can you resist this 23 pound bundle of cuddly goodness. In sherbet colored footie pajamas. So. Cute. Sophy loves, loves, loves her pacifiers. She would like them all at once and immediately. Once one upon waking and having her lamb paci removed from her mouth for diaper change and arriving home from school where she's gone ALL DAY without a paci. The horror! Unfortunately for her, I think we're going to work on weaning them next week. She's fine all day at school without them so bed time only until even that's gone. My heart hurts thinking about not seeing her dragging them around with her. But, she'll be talking constantly so there's that.

Oh yeah, super grown up baby can crawl onto the furniture by herself. I have no idea who approved this. She also likes to watch Peppa the Pig while sitting on the big furniture. The cute is non-stop.

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