Wednesday, August 25, 2010


On our trip to NYC we saw Wicked which is the musical based on this book. Both of them are awesome! Although someone needs to talk to someone about the bathrooms on the mezzanine level. There 3 stalls, yep 3 for about 500 people. Someone is out of their mind. Luckily we sat right by the door so at intermission, first one in. Yay! Also, they have ginger ale at the concession stand so another big win. It's the little things that make me happy!

Stage pic from Rolland's iphone using hipstamatic. Love that app.

Rolland and I waiting for the show to start. Fabulous! Seriously, it's a great show if for everyone. We loved it as did Rolland's family so that's a pretty good span of age ranges. I'm not sure about the little guys and what they might think is scary.

Us on Broadway after the show.

I didn't really realize we matched until now. Yikes.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Love

Friday night the hubby and some of my girlfriends and I headed for the fancy new opera house downtown to see Garrison Keillor's Summer Love Tour. It was fabulous! I love Garrison Keillor and this show was very much like a Prairie Home Companion with a little more music and less of the usual skits although it did have the news from Lake Wobegon and Guy Noir.

Here is a truly awful picture of Garrison Keillor. He did have a lovely white linen suit and the trademark red shoes and socks.

Rolland took a pic of us girls. Jen, Bo (the girl) and myself.

Bo and I on our own while Jen tried to brave the line for the bathroom. She gave up as she realized it wrapped around the lobby.

A really terrific night!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New York..again

I love neon so this required a picture. Also, I took tons of pics of the building. All of the Art Deco buildings are incredible and I love all of them. I hate to play favorites but the Chrysler Building would probably be it. Seriously gorgeous.

Not found in New York but she's cute and I love her.

Hubby with Bear and Lion on the Interpid.

More neon. I'm building a collection of neon and cool signs for my bathroom. What? It's better than velvet Elvis. Almost.

Me and the Bear and Lion on the Intrepid.

This weekend I need to get all of the histamatic images off of the phone. They're all arty and such so more fun to look at.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New York

We made it there and back again (never thought I'd get to use the Hobbit in a blog post but there you go). It was gorgeous weather so the perfect weekend to go. A little bit of rain but incredibly mild temps. Seriously, if it were like that all the time then fall, winter, spring I would never leave! Here are a few pics. Still need to get pics off of Rolland's camera, my iPhone and Rolland's iPhone plus all the rest of the camera. OY. This should be enough to give you the general idea.

Martha Stewart's building as seen from a harbor boat cruise.

The deck of the Intrepid looking towards the city.

Rolland and his Mom at the NBC studios. I love the neon and his Mom loves the today show. A little something for everyone. I think this was her favorite place to visit in the entire city and on Sunday morning she was even on the today show via camera panning to the audience!

More skyline from the boat cruise. I'm sure this building is something but I have no idea what.

The home of the 9 by Design family. Interesting but fairly unremarkable compared to some of the architecture downtown. It's also right of off West Side highway so incredibly noisy and would make me incredibly nervous with all the kids running in and out but I guess city kids are used to lots of traffic.

Rolland, Anita and their Mom getting ready for takeoff.

Family in Times Square. Definitely a lot to see all around!

Me at High Line Park. Amazing elevated park that is really beautiful. They've also kept a lot of the features from when it was an elevated train area so you can see the tracks worked into the trail and the views of the city are incredible. We went following a visit after Chelsea Market then headed south towards Greenwich Village and Soho. I highly recommend it for strolling.

Rolland in front of his favorite plane... which I can no longer identify but it's definitely his favorite. :)

Rolland in front of the Apple motherland.

Tons more pics to come but all I had time for tonight. Hopefully I can get them all organized this weekend but we have lots of weekend plans including Garrison Keillor, Eat Pray Love and house stuff. We need another vacation!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

rosary style

Since I was on a roll with the rosary I went ahead and whipped up a little rosary style necklace with a Buddha I picked up at Pearl River on my last trip to NYC. Since we're heading back I wanted to get this one created so I have plenty of reason to buy more. Excellent Christmas gifts I think.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gift Jewelry

My friend Colleen recently had a baby girl and lately we've talked about all things pink & girly so for her birthday I made this rosary. The pink stone beads have a great mix of color and the quartz crystal adds just a hint of glamour. :) The connector is of St. Patrick (she has a brother named Patrick) with a traditional crucifix at the end. I really hope she likes it.

This one was a going away present for my friend Pamela. She's taking a hiatus to work on her own business (yay!) so I wanted to give her something pretty. The rose stones are a strand I got in Santa Fe and seeing as how she's from New Mexico they fit perfectly. I wire wrapped in between with rough tourmaline stones.

This one I know she loved but I mismeasured and will need to add another couple of stones. Turns out I'm not the only one who dislikes chokers. Ooops.

I'm working on a couple of fun pieces with pics to come later. I think these may stay in my increasingly full jewelry box. Hint: one my hubby described as a Betty Rubble necklace. I'm not sure he meant it as a compliment!

Saturday, August 07, 2010


So far it's not super exciting at our house as it's all about the errands. I'm including the new gym regime as an errand. I'm not particularly happy with my trainer who I find it hard to believe has chest and shoulders like that without some kind of unnatural help. He also pushes his "supplement" that he sells at his 2nd gig which I'm finding fairly unprofessional seeing as how I'm paying for his time and all. I guess it's a little like cable in that I pay and still have to watch the commercials. Ugh. At the end of this month, definitely requesting someone else.

I did have good Target fortune although I'm not without Target shopping guilt and found this bag that may be used as it's name suggests "flight bag" for the upcoming NYC trip.

I've already started laying out the outfits and thanks to my friend Yuri, I found this dress I plan to wear for dinner then to Wicked on Friday. And it was over 1/2 off which is mostly why it was such an easy impulse purchase.

I have made a couple of pieces of jewelry for gifts that I'll post tomorrow in case you in no way care about a) my trainer from hell or b) what I wear.

Hope you guys are having a terrific weekend.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


There are a lot of reasons to love my friend Suzanne. Pick me up texts like this on a Tuesday night are just one of them.

Thanks lady, I love you loads and will see you soon!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cinnamon rolls

Baked goods I made last weekend. I forgot to take an after picture but they were very popular. Super tasty.

I'd like to get a few things baked today but at 108 outside I'm reluctant to turn on the stove. I did make mushroom curry, brown rice, black bean soup and cauliflower... something I forgot but with Indian spices to go with the curry. I've finally been using the Indian cookbook I bought a few years ago. And Deborah Madison's is a new favorite for vegetarian offerings.

I've also got some art pieces in mind but the heat, not too keep being whiny, really does sap my energy and the couch plus this book are too much of an oasis.