Friday, February 27, 2009

Round Robin - Suzanne

This is my addition to Suzanne's round robin necklace. Her theme is natural beauty which I interpreted very loosely. I'm fascinated by the naturalists and archaeologist of the late 19th and early 20th century who traveled the globe in search of who knows what and I finding just about everything. Admittedly, they got most of the ideas about what they found slightly wrong but somehow I've seriously romanticized this period which morphed into this little jewelry collage. The bird reminds me of all of those overly stuffed animals found in the libraries and studies or stuffed (no pun intended) into the glass cases in Victorian decorations. The shell and faux etched bone seemed like pieces that someone might have picked up in their travels. I hope she likes it, I'm really happy with the results.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been finding that I'm lacking inspiration lately. I'm contemplating settling in this weekend for some sure fire inspirational favorites like this and this and also this. I may also start working through this one with the exercises. I bought a new journal that just needs to be broken in and filled with lots of pretty things. I've also had a necklace sitting on my desk that I've been working on for 3 months now without noticeable progress. The sad part is that I know exactly what I want to do and it's simple wire wrapping and wire looping but so far, still only two sad beads have been attached. :)

I just got in some new beads perfect for earrings... see I think the books are working already!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sparkly Saints

I needed an art quickie the other day and finally got around to making some sparkly earrings with swarovski rondelles and a matching pair of religious charms I've had stashed away waiting for the wire and sparklies. I took a short cut and used some sterling earwires but I'm happy with the result.

On the non-art front, we've been super busy at our house lately as we've made some substantial lifestyle changes and have been trying to work it all in. This hasn't left as much time for playing in the studio as I hoped but I'm still working on finding the balance. We're trying to be healthier and more fiscally responsible which means time at the gym and at the stove. I've decided that I'm going to chronicle the health stuff over here just to have a sort of separation of church & state. If you are mostly interested in the art stuff and assorted fluffliness I'll still be delivering it on this blog but the hardcore food, gym and other assorted heath things will be going on over there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scotty Charm

This little guy I made a couple of weeks ago but wanted to share him with you guys. There's just something about this illustration that I found adorable like he's just about ready to pounce for a treat or kisses. He hasn't completely decided yet. I added instant age with my favorite charcoal pencil and a favorite number grouping just because I love typography and can't stop myself. Now, I wear him whenever possible! He's inspired a few new things I need to get up in the etsy store fairly quickly or I'm not going to make the monthly addition update goal I set for myself.

In other non art news we have lost all internet and cable at our houses for reasons AT&T have been unable to explain. Hopefully someone will be providing answers between 4-9 tonight. Yep, that's perilously close to my bedtime! We're hoping they mean close to 4. In the meantime, my internet access from home will be pretty limited but I have ways around it. :) Without cable or internet to entertain me, I've been perusing Amy Hanna's new book and I love it. She's such an inspiration and just generally an awesome women so I encourage anyone who loves vintage, jewelry or pretty things to grab this one at the first opportunity.

Royalty Necklace for Round Robin

This is the piece I made for my Charmsters group round robin. I quickly decided on royalty as the theme but had been puzzling over what to do with the actual piece for a long time. Finally I just sat down and knocked it out. I was required to do a little re-thinking once I ran out of gunmetal rondelles. Turns out, this is not something you can quickly pick up at your local Michael's! I was also extremely disappointed to find out my favorite bead store is no longer open on Sunday. Luckily I was saved by pack rat ways and I added an extra lenght of chain - I know love the addition of a new metal to change it up.

After my burst of creative energy in the last few weeks, I've been hit with a miserable cold. Here are a few recommendations if you find yourself trapped on the couch or in bed. Keeping Mum is an awesome British black comedy for viewing pleasure. If you're like me and want to soak in the bath for achiness then these books will help pass the time. This is the latest in the series and I loved it! They just get better and better.


I was tagged by my soul sister in all things soldered Melissa Merrill to post the 4th photo in my 4th folder but my 4th folder doesn't have anything postable but this is the 4th photo in my photo folder. :) Such a great pic of my puppy Abby - she's incredibly cute and loves to snuggle especially when it's storming!

I love that I was tagged by Melissa with Michelle who I met at Silver Bella when the hotel valet very nicely put Michelle in my rental car which she thought was a really weird (PT Crusier) extra shuttle so while it seemed odd she hopped in. Love that amazing sense of adventure! We had a terrific time circling the airport trying to find the car rental return, I couldn't have done it without her so fate really helped me out! I'm also incredibly jealous she's going to the Art Nest gathering. Candice and Julie are two of the most incredible and wonderful women I've met and would love to hang out in the snowy cabin again playing with fun art supplies and eating all the yummy food!

Now, I'm off to bed to try and sleep away this cold that has set in. I had been persistently ignoring it but now it will not be ignored any longer and the paper towels I'm using for kleenex are extremely unpleasant!