Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peace, Love, Om

I signed up to do a show this fall and hadn't really expected to be accepted but I was. Yay! Now, I have to get my tail in gear and get some goodies made. I have a small amount of pieces done but really want to get a lot more stuff finished and also stock the Etsy store. I'm thinking I need to start that now to maybe do a holiday push.

While I got 3 pieces done last night, note mostly assembly since this would be quite a feat given how like to mull over the details before I commit. I happened to glance around my desk and noticed my saints medals sitting next to my little Buddha. I  had drilled a hole in him over the weekend playing with my fancy drill. Hubby did a great job with that Christmas gift. But had just set him aside until I decided what I wanted to do with him. He looked pretty comfortable with my little Madonna charm. Then, over in the corner of my mat I saw my crystal. Hmmm, I lined the 3 up and loved them. Little good luck/positive karma going there. Who couldn't use more of that? I dug around until I found an extra branch piece and wired them on. Love.

Next decision was the chain. I could've gone with actual chain but didn't have any that felt hefty enough. They were all relatively delicate and I wanted something that would hold up with the larger charms. My eye caught this vintage rosary chain I had attached to soldered charm and tried it on this piece. It was an immediate hit. This is the kind of thing I need to be adding to my trays for store/shows but right now it's resting comfortably around my neck. Maybe it's a test drive, maybe a new personal favorite?

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