Thursday, August 08, 2013

Aquamarines... maybe?

I have got to start labeling my beads and stones. I'm pretty sure these are aquamarines I had left over from an earlier project. Seriously, they were in a small white dish to the right of my desk. I'm trying to be a little more spontaneous in my art as well as work with what's on hand. This was a little bit of both. Clearly I have to start taking all my pics outside during daylight! You can't tell from this but these stones are blue, clear~ish and blue/green. Oy. I am too lazy to wait and go back out and retake then re-post. I only  have so many hours in the day and I had a Jeff Lewis Interior Therapy and while we were watching that why not make a night of it and watch Property Envy? I have a huge crush on Mary McDonald and loved her on Million Dollar Decorators. If we ever win the lottery I'm hiring Mary to design a studio with labeling, and good light, and a fancy book ladder thingy. Yeah, it's always the opening paragraph where the wheels start to come of on these things.

And...back to the necklace! I liked the idea of stringing these as opposed to using chain as I did on another piece I made a long time ago. The hole drilled into the stones is pretty tiny and the wire is very fine if you wrap it. I may have to go back and redo my earlier piece. I wore it on Monday and was petrified it was going to break. This piece is really sturdy. My only problem was that  I didn't like the stringing material showing so I  dug through my beads until I found these tiny moonstones and used those in between the larger stones. I wish they had a little more texture but I liked the matte finish so they don't compete with aquamarines like a rhinestone or a bead with sparkle would have.

There's a little bit of asymmetry in this one with the carved rose bone bead and the swarovski rondelles but I wanted just a little tiny bit of sparkle and some added interest around the vintage clasp. I added a little medal as pendant if someone wanted to wear the clasp in front. I really liked how it came out. It's also a little shorter, probably 17 inches, than my normal pieces. My friend Suzanne always wants me to do shorter pieces so I'm working on providing a good mix for everyone.

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