Friday, August 02, 2013

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Looking at my shoe board on Pinterest you'd think I was Rachel Zoe wearing sky high heels everyday.

Not so much.

Yesterday's selection complete with super sexy mosquito bites. They're Uggs, if that helps. And super comfy. I've had them for a decent amount of time and still cushy. Today, gray Tom's. I know. Exciting. Still comfy!

It's going back to school time which gets me pondering all of the lovely fall boot options. And trips to Target for stocking the studio with fun supplies. Bouquets of sharpened pencils! (Now I want to watch You've Got Mail... squirrel!).  Anyhoo... if that weren't enough, all of the pushy Nordstrom sale promotions on the intranets. Honestly, they are everywhere!  But, we've really hit our summer stride in Texas, and it's unlikely that I'll be wearing boots soon. Regardless, I will not be deterred in my sweater layering, hot chocolate drinking fall fantasies. Those fantasies include some of the following: loving these floral cowboy boots. Similar but still takers. And my absolute all time favorites. I'm aware all of these require a decent amount of piggy bank saving. Stupid fiscal responsibility. And while I'm daydreaming and not going out of my way, I would pretty much take one of anything Frye.

Even Sophy had a little shoe hankering. Or, maybe I caved after all the adorable toddlers on the intranet kept showing off their crocs. Quick trip to Crocs outlet in Allen and super cute shoes and bag. She had a little trouble getting them off immediately after getting in the car but I think she's resolved that. Crazy. She hates wearing shoes in the car but is happy to wander the house in only a diaper and her shoes. Carrying her purse. Oy.

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