Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vegas with birthday boy

We've had a great day today finishing up by seeing Love which was awesome! Now after dinner,show,gambling and a late night snack it's time for bed.

Note: I'm super excited to have caved and got the iPhone where I can now blog from dinner! Pics will have to wait though.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Master Bathroom Finish

Here are the long awaited (at least to people who are related to us) final bathroom pics!
If you want to see the start to finish you can check out the set on flickr.

Now, I'm off to use the fancy new bathtub and pack since we're heading to Vegas for the weekend! Woo hoo. Tomorrow is the hubby's b-day so we're celebrating in style. Tickets to Love, dinner at Boa and Sunday breakfast at Bouchon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chicago pics and a finished bathroom

The bathroom is finally finished except for a few more pics to hang. I need to get the final pics uploaded and posted but it's crazy busy around here lately. I've been working late at work and then trying to get the house put back together so that's taken up most of the free time. I did manage to get the pics from Chicago finished and up on flickr so I can scratch that off the to do list!

Hopefully the next day or two will include bathroom pics plus a more interesting blog post. I hope you guys love the bathroom as much as we do. It's pretty awesome.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bathroom update

As you can see, we're not the only ones who want to get their house back! This is Abby's standard procedure if I'm home and not letting her out of her confined area. It's also why we're going to have to sand and re-stain this bookcase. She is cute but a handful.

This is our progress pic as of today. Shockingly, it looks like some actual progress has been made although he did finish grouting the floor yesterday about noon and called it done for the day whereas I was thinking he could go ahead an move the light fixture, fix the drywall for the old medicine cabinet and inset the new medicine cabinets then grout and call it a day. Not so much in his planning. Apparently he's not a multi-tasking kind of thinker. More of a grout, wait, paint, wait, etc. We're now taking bets on whether he'll actually finish by next Friday. I'd like to be optimistic but there's nothing in this experience that would cause me to feel that way... seriously, I can't take another week of this mess!

Otherwise, it's a pretty good 4th with a brisket slowly baking, baked beans ready to be popped into the oven, only decision now is to make a baked good for dessert or stick to sorbet. Hope you're having a terrific holiday weekend!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bathroom Madness

Okay, I have decided the guy working on our bathroom is trying to drive me insane. He called on Tuesday to outline the plan for finishing our bathroom this week. Important reminder, he thought he would be done Tuesday. So yesterday's items on the agenda were to center the light fixture over the vanity, grout the tile and install the toilet. Actual accomplishments? To remove 3 tile off the 1/2 wall around the bathtub. Honest to deity of your choosing, if he would've been here last night I might have siced the dogs on him. This is clearly poetic license as the puppies are mostly here for cuddling and Abby just sort of glares menacingly. I'm not exaggerating that we can't tell that they were here at all.

What's wrong with people? If I went to work everyday and the only thing I ever accomplished was to put up a graphic once a week there would be hell to pay. The good news is that I had planned to take an extra day this week for the holiday, mostly to enjoy the new bathroom and clean the house, but I'm starting to be just as content to lay into these people like there's no tomorrow. Rolland actually regretted going to work today since it meant he could be home to watch. Rolland tried to prep them on his time here that they really didn't want to have to deal with me. Yes, I'm fully prepared that we may be finishing the bathroom this weekend which I'm almost hoping for that outcome. We actually work our asses off on these kind of projects and I could finally take a freakin' bath!

If you want to learn how to get rich in the construction business, here is my advice:
1. Show up on time and when you say you will
2. Accomplish enough each day that your employers can clearly tell you were there
3. Do not cut tile inside the master bathroom therefore alleviating the gross water dripping across the bed room floor and covering said employers bedroom in a fine layer of tile dust every damn day
4. Do not leave your snacks, soda and wet clothing laying on their shelves and their bed
5. If you discuss some specific things that are to be done, write them down so you do not call them 3 times during their work day to confirm that you are doing exactly the wrong thing

I think I'm done venting to the universe now. I plan to continue to sit quietly in my studio until they head over at which point I pounce then promptly leave to go by Eco friendly cleaning products and some kind of good smelling something to put in the bathroom since it now reeks. We refuse to wonder what's causing the smell.

I hope you have an incredible 4th of July.