Monday, August 12, 2013

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Sophy's school was closed on Thursday and Friday of last week in preparation for school starting this week. Fall will be here soon!!!... digressing. And serious wishful thinking. Anyway, Rolland took the week off so on Thurs night, after work, we packed up and headed for Oklahoma. This could be considered an odd choice but it's halfway between us and our family (Kansas and Missouri). For this test run we met my parents who came down early Friday morning. It was a super short drive and just within Sophy tolerance limits.

Said little cutie, who appropriately looks a little bossy here, was our tour guide running wild through downtown Guthrie, Oklahoma.We picked Guthrie since my Mom had been there several years ago and there were lots of antique stores for browsing. The downtown/square area is adorable with tons of shops and great walking areas. It was really pretty. Kind of a Midwestern version of Stars Hollow.

This garden was on the corner and a little weedy but a terrific spot for some photos. Very few of which turned out. Ugh. It's a great little area to take a moment, journal, rest, whatever you need. I think McKinney needs one on our square.

Love these details on the buildings.

Relatively nice weather. It was crazy humid making the high 80's temperature seem much warmer. Everyone was a little "dewy" by the end of our shopping excursion.

Another little garden. This one a memorial garden. I'm a sucker for a vignette and this one with the pretty garden and the rusting metal roof behind it. Love.

And maybe most importantly, my goodies. I was on a quest to find some studio redo items but mostly just found stuff. This is slightly counter to my clean out project but I'll just have to replace not so pretty fun stuff with the new pretty fun stuff. I've been on a big pottery kick lately and found some great pieces. The two on the right are both McCoy pottery and in my favorite aqua/blue green. The pinecone jardiniere is a great piece combining my aqua~ish dining room/kitchen color with the rest of the mocha downstairs. Plus it reminds me of winter and I love that! I also need to credit the husband with finding it. He's a keeper!

The sweet little deer vase had some damage that had been repaired but I love him. He was less than $10 bucks and the cracks are barely noticeable. He had to come home. It's likely he'll end up somewhere in the studio space or Sophy's room. It's another piece of Shawnee pottery for my tiny collection. Sophy has a cute little Buddha planter that's on her bookshelf that I love. And I have little tiny fairy planter holding random bits on my desk. I may have to swap them out and put Buddha in the studio. So many choices!

The giant pig was at a fantastic store called Prairie Gothic.  She has a great mix of new and old finds. I kind of wanted one of everything but only piggy made the cut. I had my eye on one I saw in a Napa Style catalog but I hate Michael Chiarello so much I refused to order it. This one was cheaper and I like to think cuter. I want some of the serving pieces she has with western images of bulls, cowboys, Native Americans, etc but I need to do some major decluttering before I bring anymore kitchen stuff home.

And last, but not least, findings for jewelry and other arty goodness. A large jar of keys, a box of cracker jack charms, chandelier crystals and a Tupperware container of mix/match jewelry that smells a little but will clean up well. Lots of chain pieces to be taken apart for links in new necklaces and bracelets are worth a little moth ball smelliness. All in all the perfect mini getaway.

Up next, tons of family photos that if you won't care about if you aren't related to me. Plus more Sophy than a normal human can be expected to tolerate. Super excited about this week aren't you?!

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