Saturday, May 20, 2006

Viola.. I have a mirror!

I finished my brother's mirror today and I'm just letting everything sit up and harden overnight but then it's ready... I'm kind on the ball with Christmas gifts since it's just May but I've been making tiles for two weeks so it does require a little pre-planning. I'm absurdly proud of myself and how it turned out. The thousands of tiny cuts on my fingers was entirely worth it. Now I just hope he likes it. My husband looked at it and said, "that looks like a lot of work" to which I replied "Yep , you hate it right?". He looked very sweet and thoughtful and replied that it was not to his taste but they would love it. So I appreciate that he recognizes the hard work and clearly the hint here is don't make us one and hang it in a high traffic area where he has to see it. :) I want to make a version of it in creams, pinks and chocolates with a Parisian girly twist... we'll see how it turns out.

I highly recommend taking Laurie Mika's class if you ever get that chance, she's great about really telling you what works and what doesn't. She's also inspiring and pushes you to work outside your normal comfort zone. Her class was really fabulous so, thanks Laurie!

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