Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Say hi to Maya

So I had to go to the dr's office today for a routine med check... basic stuff. But I gave her a little bit off an update on how I feel and now I have to have a glucose tolerance test (drink sickly sweet sugary stuff and get blood drawn after each dose.... 6 times) and an upper GI (drink the icky chalky stuff while they move you around to see, via x-ray, how the liquid moves). I know this isn't a huge deal and that lots of people are way worse off but sometimes it just feels like a lot and I really think it's okay to whine a little about getting blood drawn 6 times in a row within a few hours and I'm guessing only from my right arm since my left has no veins worth sticking so this is me being not happy with little art to show for my troubles.

I am however, posting a picture of one of our puppies, Maya who may be one of the sweetest beings on the planet. Abby is adorable but at her core, she's her own puppy but Maya, Maya wants nothing more than to make you happy and give lots of kisses... and this is how you know it's going to be okay.

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