Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mother-in-law's Mother's Day Card

I just realized I never posted my mil's card. I think it's kind of cute to go along with my Mom's card. The only problem is that they're never seen as a pair... oh well, they're a pair in my mind and on the blog. I had a lot of fun tearing all the elements and piecing them together. Ripping paper helps get rid of any frustrations you might've had for the day!

Mentioning of frustrations reminds me that my hubby is being really, really patient with me as I've taken over the kitchen in my making of polymer clay tiles. I have a couple of specific projects and gift projects in mind and I really want to have an overabundance of tiles to choose from so I can pick just the right one. You know, like shoes. :)

He's a very sweet man and even I'll do a post-Mother's Day thank you to his Mom, she did a great job!

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