Friday, May 12, 2006

Art and Soul Retreat

I've gone to two classes at the Art & Soul Retreat here in Dallas and they have both been fantastic! Thursday was Linda & Opie O'Brien's Tintastic which was amazing. I purchased a small anvil for the class and used! It's awesome to now own and utilize and anvil... seriously, I may have crossed into some kind of weird cartoon twilight zone with my love of my new anvil. I'll have to take a picture but for now, I've got photos of the class and the bracelet I made. This experience was amazing as these are two unbelievably talented people who have a real passion for art and creating. They were encouraging and inspiring so it made for a wonderful environment... take their class if you ever get the chance.

Today, I took Laurie Mika's Mosaic Icons, also fabulous, and I have tiles in the oven as we speak. Laurie did a great job of teaching us to trust the process and if we hate it, wipe it off and start over. She has a great spirit and truly encouraged all of us. I'm really happy with how my project turned out and am trying to keep up with all the great art ideas she's inspired.

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