Sunday, May 14, 2006

Art is being done!

I haven't had too much time to post as I've been over-run with art to-do's with all the good inspiration from Art & Soul. I took Sally Jean's Soldering for Virgins class on Sat morning and learned a valuable lesson that tools really can have a huge impact on your work. I've been really frustrated by soldering (see earlier posts) and jump rings were a nightmare but I used one of her soldering irons and it was a breeze. All her pointers and tips worked great and now I can't wait to make the upgrade. I've gone a little nuts with the art purchases lately so it could be a while before I make the soldering iron investments.

In the meantime, I stayed up half the night last night working on polymer clay tiles. I really am inspired to work on a mirror using the techniques I learned from Laurie Mika. I've even been working on deconstructing the tin cans like Opie O'Brien demonstrated but that will take a little more practice and maybe wrangling the hubby into it.

I am having a great time with the art break but am a little manic in my goals for getting stuff started and just playing. I love my new job but dread going back to that routine and the long hours that make it really hard to find studio time. I love spending the afternoon painting tile pieces while background boards dry and new tiles are in the oven. I daydream about making this work beyond presents for friends with a few sold pieces here and there but I can barely make the time to get a couple of projects a week done and then the flood of questions about how realistic that is and is it fair to even contemplate that kind of thing given the sacrifices we'd have to make as a family... oh well, I have one more day of art goodness with Sally Jean's Mr. Roger's Neighborhood class I'm taking with a friend tomorrow so I'll have even more great art inspiration!

Hope you had a great weekend guys.

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