Saturday, May 06, 2006

... and this is Abby

I had my test on Friday and it was about what I expected. I had to get blood drawn multiple times, 6 times over 5 hours, and it doesn't sound too bad until you realize "you only have the two arms (Malcolm Reynolds in "Firefly"... my husband's right,I'm just a big geek...)" and after about the 2nd time, they get a little sore so by the time I got the 3rd draw in the left arm, even the technician freely admitted that this was going to hurt. She was right. Also, I'm getting this test because I get all wonky if I don't eat at certain periods of time or if I don't eat so the test is administered after a 10 hour fast (overnight) then you drink sugary syrup that takes like orange kool-aid made with cane syrup and don't eat for another 5 hours... not good. Go figure that they warn you that you're going to be nauseous ... they left out cranky, irritable and exhausted. I crashed hard when I got home but the very sweet husband came home to take care of me and I had the puppies laying over me as extra lovey blankets... can't beat that. I'm working on getting over being a whiny baby but my arms are still bruised and I'm thinking of developing a needle phobia... yeah, working on the whinning right now. Sorry.

I'm hoping to get back to the art work tomorrow. I've made a few collage pieces I want to add to beaded necklaces and I hope to get it done tomorrow.

I need to get past all of the test ickiness to get jazzed for Art and Soul. My first class is on Thursday with the O'Briens so it should be a great class. I'll post pics.

As for the subject line, this is my other baby who was our first puppy and she's really gorgeous. Abby is also super soft and thinks she's a 10lb lap dog. It's kind of funny to watch her try and curl up on hubby's lap.

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