Monday, May 22, 2006

Mom's Collage

I posted back in February a collage I did for my Dad as part of his b-day and it's got his baby picture on it, I think it's really cute. My Mom called a few weeks ago and requested her own collage and I was swamped with several other projects ... and kinda forgot... until now and I finally did it last night when I was having trouble sleeping. Note: staple gunning at midnight when hubby's sleeping is really just asking for trouble! Anyway, I finished it last night and my husband just needs to make the frame and it'll be ready to ship north to Mom.

I should explain that my Mom is ultra-feminine and girly. For Mother's day one of the things we got her was a hot pink polka dotted faux fur lined dog carrier so she could carry her 6 lb bichon around with her... yeah, Nikki and Maya the Akita are not friendly. :) I wanted her collage to be reflective of her personality so this is what I made. Pink and chocolate are one of my favorite combinations and the colors go perfectly with the rose. My mom has loved roses and worn a floral/rose scent for years so I always think of her when a smell roses.

I hope she likes it.

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