Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was lovely with some tasty goodness. I forgot to take pics of lunch yesterday but Babe's was awesome. Rolland had the fried chicken but I went with smoked. So good. I could've also eaten my weight in mashed potatoes. This was breakfast this am at Jonathan's. Rolland's fancy egg dish was yummy but my biscuits and gravy not so much.

Sophy was very happy to greet everyone

At the bead show she had plenty of friends. She wears the monkey backpack when she wants to roam. She got tired and apparently still needed to snuggle.

Friday night yoga was pretty tough and I ended up wonking up my back a little. Upside was I had trouble sleeping and finished some new pieces. This one is a vintage metal flower with a non-working rhinestone clasp stringing swarovski creamrose pearls. The actual clasp is a vintage eye. I kind of love it.

This piece was super easy. I trimmed all the pin backs off and sanded it down. Drilled two holes and attached vintage rosary chain with a clasp. Love that blue.

I had a hankering to make a fabric bead and use up my leftover oblong beads. This one has a great boho kind of feel with no clasp since it's fairly long. I added extra length with the vintage rosary chain. The silver beads add just a touch of sparkle.

And finally, the loot from the show today. It was super small but I had a budget and stuck with only those things I had kind of in my mind for new projects. I was loving all the pyrite and got a few different sized beads, skull beads, and rose carved beads. Swoon. I can't even begin to convey my love for the quartz stones. New favorite beads in the bead chest.

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