Thursday, July 25, 2013

Journaling... Project Life?

I've been trying to do some journaling every day. It's a helpful mini-meditation. I also feel like I'm doing something, even something small, that's creative. My poor little journal has been covered in tea and soda (multiple times) but it's hanging in there. I picked it up at Barnes & Noble a couple of years ago but it's finally being used. Luckily, my hoarding tendencies have served me well and I have a large box of new journals to work in if this gets irreparably damaged. I would love to do some more intricate journaling using my own bound books but for now, baby steps. This works for me and it's easy to carry around with my little pencil case with pens, highlighters and a few markers.

My new favorite journal trick is to doodle with highlighters. It's a quick color add to the page and a little lettering then good to go.  I'm still working into the fancier lettering. It's tougher than you might think. I always forget which way the sun is shining to create "the shadow". Ugh. 

Earlier this week, I did a quick note on "Intention" which my yoga instructor has been setting for me which is kind of handy. And the one she set was about resolution and being firm, mostly in practicing my yoga, but it got me thinking about commitment and trying to do some documentation regularly. I've been following Pam Garrison's lovely Project Life updates and decided I'm trying it next year. There's some hope that the studio might be in shape to handle an ongoing project like that. Might even get it's own cubby. But I don't want to over commit. :) I can also start gathering the supplies slowly, use what I've got and set aside for this as I go through supplies and reorganize. Relatively low cost beyond binder and inserts is my hope.

I'm also working on how to use my fancy DSLR along with taking better iPhone photos. Signed up for SnapShop (yay!) so with 5-6 months to practice with both I should be fairly proficient by January. I also ordered a super cute camera strap for the DSLR. If I can accessorize, it helps create the habit for me... at least that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

Also really loving the idea of getting started and involving Sophy. I would love to see a week through the eye's of Sophy. That baby has serious opinions.

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