Thursday, July 18, 2013

Saint Jude of the Puppies

Odd title, I'm aware. But, I'm having a failure of imagination. I finally finished a piece I've had on my desk for months. The image below was the first iteration. I really liked the oblong beads and tried it on at a few various stages with no issues. But once I had it all put together, wire wrapped for sturdiness, not so much.

It was a really odd fit with the beads laying oddly and just not comfortable. There was nothing to do but cut them off and start over. Ugh.

I still liked the closure, which I picked up in Omaha at Silver Bella ... that tells you how old that clasp is! I used some rhinestone disco balls to add a little sparkle at the back since I often wear my hair up. To save myself a little step later, I cut the wire off of the bead end leaving the clasp wrappings in place so disc balls and clap pieces were all set! Whew, I mean to have to rewire those little beads... bitterness is showing isn't it? I know.

And this is the newly finished piece with ebony round beads. I still liked the weighty-ness of the oblong beads so I kept them close to the focal piece (which is a fantastic rosary part I got at Beads of Splendor - my new very expensive favorite bead shop in town).  The dangle is a vintage rhinestone cabochon I've had for a while with clear dog cameo (?) that I picked up in Santa Fe a couple years ago. I'm pretty sure I glued the cameo into the cabochon before Sophy was born (yeah, at least 17 months ago) and it has just been sitting on my desk.

Finished piece hanging off of my new favorite photo spot. Statue hanging on the back patio.

I'm really happy with the finished piece and love it. This does not take the sting out of all of the wasted silver wire (that had been patinaed with liver of sulphur).  More wire has been ordered.

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