Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

I saw this over on Elefantitas Alegres and decided to be a big ol' joiner and participate. The meet up is at A. Liz Adventures.
My Five 
1. Trader Joe's yogurt squishers  and a super cute toddler. These, yogurt not toddler, are super cheap and as we found out last night, perfect when frozen (smart husband) for a teething toddler on a hot summer night. Also, it blends in nicely when dripped on her chair. Side note: I could put this adorable little toddler as an item in all 5 since she is the bestest. Real word. Anyway, these yogurt squishers are normally just a big squishy thing of yogurt that can be a giant mess. When frozen, healthier popsicle. Ideally, half that size is best but now that I know that I'll just cut them in half (while frozen seems prudent) and put the other half back in the freezer. That's how you do it in these fiscally conservative times. 
Trader Joe's has a lot of family favorites that deserve their own post at some point.
2.  All things jewelry related. I've made a few new pieces this week (this one and this one and a couple with no photos yet) and have the creative juices flowing. I've got two pieces in progress and another 2 brewing on the back burner. I've been gathering a ton of inspiration and have noticed a turquoise trend going. Will have to add some more projects to brew list.
3. With all of this jewelry making, I've been obsessed with the West Wing again. I'm starting Season 4 and deep into re-election campaigning. Last episode of Season 3 was tough. I knew it was coming... sob. Anyway, sooo good. Major West Wing love and it's amazing how many issues going on now are still relevant. The questions and issues they're tacking via fiction, are pretty real and relevant now. Maybe this is why I have to watch while making something pretty. :0
4. Local food joints. We're trying to eat at home more and save the food budget, now that we've gotten around to having a food budget, for a few super tasty treats out vs regular helpings of meh. This weekend I have a couple on my list. First up is Babe's, that everyone has been talking about forever, but I have yet to try out. So after swimming lessons, we're hitting the chicken and Costco. I know. So glamorous. Then Sunday, as bribery to drive my ass to Ft Worth and look at beads he couldn't hate more with me while wrangling a toddler, I'm taking Rolland to Jonathan's Oak Cliff in hopes it's tasty enough to forget the imminent hell awaiting him. They have a build your own Bloody Mary Bar! What more could I offer? Also, it's a tie-in with the jewelry making and more bead hoarding. On a budget.
5. Yoga. So, I had this hip thing going on for a long time and finally mentioned it to my new doctor. Love Dr. Bonny! Turns out, the muscles are too tight and have gone all wonky. She suggested I hightail it to a yoga class if I wanted to avoid physical therapy. Sophy's school has a Wee Yogi's program - and that name is adorable - which I was checking out at the same time since I'm kind of self conscious about attending a group class. So now I'm doing a weekly private class with Abby. Who is awesome. I'm loving it. The goal is to work on some specific areas then hit the group classes. Although my usual Sat morning got rescheduled for tonight and I may just fall asleep in the meditation.
And finally... it's Friday! Woo hoo!

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