Friday, July 26, 2013

Birthday and Le Creuset Greatness

Yesterday was Rolland's birthday so went to the new Texas Land and Cattle Co. in Allen. It's the "fancier" version. Truthfully, it was a little fancy but not so much that I worried about Sophy. This was her dinner. Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft) with creamed Parmesan spinach. Spinach was in place of applesauce and our server couldn't believe she preferred this to applesauce but she did. She ate the sauce like soup.

This was my selection. You get to pick the meat for the entree and then the rub/spice and sauce option. I went with salmon, truffle salt and Bearnaise sauce. Holy smokes it was good. Garlic confit in the mashed potatoes was a big hit too. This is quickly becoming a new favorite meal. Their version was yummy. In the blurry background is Rolland's steak with cheese grits. Those grits were fantastic.

Sophy showing off her spoon skills. She switches hands but she really is right handed so that often goes much better. Gotta love her persistence though.

After dinner we came home to find this box on the step.

With this inside.

To reveal my new saucier pot!

A few weeks ago, there was apparently an incident where my Le Creuset chocolate pot fell, nearly braining the baby, and Rolland deflected it to the floor where the non-enamel handle broke with some enamel chipping off the pot itself. The details around the falling of the pot are sketchy. As I wasn't here at the time, he was able to formulate a game plan which included us hot footing it down to Williams-Sonoma when I got home. We were pretty sure they no longer made the pan (they don't) but a suitable replacement was found. My super smarty husband mentioned the incident to the salesclerk and she suggested we contact them since there's a lifetime guarantee for their products. He did and they sent this.  All we had to do was send in the broken one ($20 bucks in shipping) and viola! New saucier in Marseille blue.

Smarty pants is forgiven.

Blog Note: Neither TXLC or Le Creuset asked me to pimp out their products, although I'm not opposed to free goodies that I love and offer tasty goodness. This wasn't the case here.

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