Friday, July 12, 2013

Studio Planning

While Texas is doing an imitation of the surface of the sun, it seems like a good time to think about some house projects. Truthfully, I'd like to treat it like a giant Etch A Sketch and start over. This is not a realist plan.

In reality planning, there's a snag in some of my make over ideas as Rolland and I have regular disagreements about  my love of Sarah Richardson. He feels, and it's a little tough to argue, that she decorates in various shades of white. Even her husband mocked her about it when she was decorating the nursery for their baby. Thus making it difficult for me to win these disagreements. I love all white walls and neutral furniture allowing for regular swapping out of pillows, accessories, etc changing the look up without a big investment in time or money on big pieces. The husband would like to live in a cave with little, or no, natural light. Sigh.

In an effort to further avoid this continuing disagreement, I'm starting in my studio/guest room. Right now it's a giant hairball that needs major sorting out. I think the queen size bed is coming out and being replaced by a daybed. This is a bit of the inspiration which I know is confusing since that is in fact a queen size bed but the idea is totally neutral with bright pops of color. I have a kantha I picked up somewhere, here looks like a good option if you would also like to add a pop of color with something slightly exotic, my particular blanket includes various shades of pink, black and I can't remember what else. It's buried in the top of the closet (OY!). It seems like a perfect candidate for layering on a white bed. I'd also like to treat the daybed as more of a couch most of the time. Maybe the husband would come visit while I'm playing with beads, paint and wire. His iPad travels anywhere.

The overall color inspiration from the swatch below is ideal to tie-in with the rest of the house and a lot of the art I already have in the room. A little bit of red would be a great addition in replacement of the pale yellow. Not a fan.

 Unlike past projects, I think I'll try to do some significant planning and measuring prior to re-arranging the layout or purchasing anything new. This may be the hardest part as I've been seriously trying to justify an Ikea visit. But maybe a few trips to Anthropolgie for inspiration could be worked in? A major reorganization and clean out would also be in order. I worked on it a bit before Sophy was born with a massive giveaway but it wasn't a really thoughtful approach. Mostly because I was pretty pregnant and kind of out of my mind. I gave away a lot without much thought and made some odd choices for what I kept. I plan to stick with this story for some time.

Back to the planning, I have some shelves and a desk that I'd like to try and repurpose. I'm hoping to end up with something similar to this with shelves overhead for regularly used supplies and the chalkboard "backsplash" for inspiration board and general doodling. I'm hoping magnetic chalkboard paint is something readily available.

This is definitely an aspirational image since there's only about 6 inches of usable space on the desk. Typically, I end up with about that much usable space when working on a project, I need a lot more room to spread out since I tend to be an "out of sight out of mind" kind of girl. This is also why I end up dragging out tons of stuff across the room just to ponder. Instead of thinking I'm going to change my approach (which is never going to happen) I need to figure this into my planning and leave some empty space just for "planning/inspiration". It would also be nice to have some "guest artist" play space too.

Weekend goal: studio planning. Graph paper, Pinterest and HGTV are on the docket!

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