Monday, July 15, 2013

Mightee Kids

Nearly every morning I take a picture of Sophy for her Grandparents in Kansas and Facebook for the rest of the clan. The Grandparents are not Facebook fans. Some days she's a willing model and others, not so much. Today was kind of an in between but she's still super cute and we got a pretty good pose.

What  you can't really see that well is her adorable Mightee Kids t-shirt. Mightee Kids creates a new shirt every month for a different cause with a portion of the profits for that shirt going to that month's organization. You can purchase individual shirts or subscribe monthly and they'll automatically send a shirt. That's the option I've picked and this was her first one. So adorable! They're is fantastic and a great gift option for people too. I found out about them via Under the Sycamore when she was promoting the Love Without Boundaries folks. Also a big fan of that foundation.

I'm trying to be more conscious about giving and making it more of a priority. We don't do too much right now but places like Mightee Kids make it a lot easier. I should also say we were in no way contacted to promote anyone and I'm just mentioning everyone because I like them!

p.s. Sophy has recently discovered Peppa the Pig and her snorting like Peppa will have to be recorded. I apologize to her future teenage self now.

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