Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Our anniversary was on Sunday and we ran wild! Or, went to Target bright and early to check out all the Feed stuff. We purchased a fair amount and I loved this bag so I got it and one in orange. Pretty much everyone but Sophy scored in the Target trip and even she could ride IN the bag when tired so a win for everyone! After shopping we let the wild baby run free at the park by our house. We'd gone before and she liked the swings but everything else was kind of eh. She went with Granny and Aunt Anita in March and loved the swings and a little more play. This time, she was everywhere! The jungle gym has all kinds of openings make the plummet to the ground range anywhere from 6 inches to 4 feet. Mama was a little freaked out but did ok. She ran through everything. She played with the chimes, the rolling drums, the swings, the steps, etc. There's also some water features that kids can frolick without submersion in the pool so next time we'll go with the swim diaper and suit.

After a nap and a fair amount of time doing nothing we went out for dinner at one of my favorites, The Porch. Yum. Rolland ordered a beer that turned out not to be what we thought. Not a fan of stout, and as you can see by the color, it was super stout. Hehehe. New beer replacement coming up! The Porch is kind of awesome, not just because they'll bring new beer, but they have a great menu that works for everyone. Sophy had the fancy mac and cheese (waiter couldn't believe we wanted the full order and not kids version. Rookie.), Rolland a hunk o'meat with brussel sprouts and I got a club sandwich. It was a fancy club sandwich! And a shared lavendar and blackberry sorbet for dessert. Soooo good! Oh, we also had the fried port salute cheese with tomato marmalade. I could've eaten 3 orders of it. Sophy approved.

Perfect anniversary day.

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