Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lazy Weekend

Ok, we didn't manage to get in any movies but we did get the outside lights up. Unfortunately, it hasn't quit raining enough for me to get any pics! We did take the opportunity to check out the lights around town and there are a lot of great lights this year. If you have a chance to wander around McKinney, Texas there are lots of houses who went all out. We were shocked to see how many have scenes displayed in the front yard in addition to the regular festivities. I'm talking elaborate nativities, Santas in boats, under palm trees, with Mrs. Claus, sleigh and reindeer (my favorite!). Lots to see!

Also, I got my holiday order in from Lisa Kaus. She sent out a newsletter with a special offer and I couldn't resist getting a couple items for my studio that I've been coveting. They are both cupcakes, which is the nickname for my studio "The Cupcake Room" since the daybed is done with pink ruffled sheets and all girly colors. I thought it would be perfect to include some cupcake art and I love her work. Fun whimsical colors and all her work makes me smile. They are what I see while I'm working at my desk. I also have a wonderful pin holder (also a cupcake) from Mary Stanley. She sent it with her bag in the tote exchange I did this summer. It also rocks and is on my sewing table - keeping me inspired to try the sewing thing again!

I'm finishing up a couple of commission pieces and should have photos of those up in the next day or so. Busy, busy, busy! I don't know how Santa handles the pressure, although secretly I love it. I love this time of year with all the hustle and bustle. Everyone seems happier and a little more forgiving of each other. Definitely a perk when a lot can also go wrong during the days leading up to the big holidays!

Happy pre-holidays everyone!

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