Monday, December 24, 2007

Back from Kansas and lots of goodies - woo hoo!

We visited my family in Kansas over the weekend and didn't get a chance to post all the goodies I received. Here's 7-12 and if you haven't had a chance to take a look, head over to the 12 Days blog to see all the goodies in the exchange. Here's the photos of the great gifts I received from Ruth, Deb, -Dawn, Caren, Erika and Kelly.

Ruth gave me the gorgeous book mark with the lovely colors that I envy! Deb sent the amazing necklace that reminded my husband and I of an octopus - it made me love it even more! Dawn's ATC is truly lovely and I love it! Caren created the wonderful little book and I was blown away by the knitted bag, seriously, I have unbelievable knit envy. It's the one art I know I shouldn't even try. Erika sent the uber-cool stationery that will be making it's way to only the luckiest of recipients. And lastly, the fantastic necklace is by Kelly. I think everyone knows how much I love her work and her spirit. She's always willing to share some of that spirit with her fellow artists so it's awesome to have a piece of her work.

I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this swap and the talent of all these women is truly spectacular. Thank you ladies for a glorious December filled with art, giggles and friendship.

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