Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 6 and a studio helper

Here is my lovely Day 6 pressie, minus the cool vintage paper that was tucked inside - I have big plans for it! This was gifted to me by the very talented Linda so stop by and check out her blog.

The other charms are commission pieces from an amazing designer I work with and she's also a really good friend! I love her aesthetic. It's really clean and charming with that great urban edge that's all her. I was beyond flattered when she asked me to make a couple of pieces for her nieces.

The puppy photos are off Maya, who was quite the little helper tonight, she definitely wanted lots of pets and love but never for very long. She'd run in and then head back out - she really prefers to have all her people and puppies in one room. Usually she can get Abby and I together in here but Daddy's not having it! It's much too girly in here for him, plus he'd then have to pretend to show interest in what I'm doing and get stuck listening to back episodes of Doctor Who. Nope, not happening.

Another little pressie that arrived today was one I ordered for myself. It's this terrific book I've had on my wish list at Amazon ever since I heard her give an interview on NPR and then I saw her on TV and fell in love with her charms. This book would make a lovely gift for a charm lover (with a little charm on the ribbon of the box) or for yourself, if you love charms or just a charming book (it's late and I couldn't resist!). I needed the little pick me up since I'm way behind on my "to do" list. Oh well, it'll get done and I'm on vacation next week so I can sleep then!

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