Friday, December 07, 2007

Hitman Friday!

I'm not sure if I've ever revealed my love of action flicks, but here you go! We're heading out tonight after work to see Hitman . We've been on an (inadvertent) movie hiatus with our trip, family in town, getting the house decorated, etc and there's a long list we want to see. I'm not sure how many we'll get in this weekend, but we're giving the movie list a try.

The other big weekend task is to finally finish putting up the Christmas lights and left over trees. The one for the bedroom and the kitchen tree are still sitting in the old dining room. On a side note: we're thinking of converting the dining room into a reading room/den kind of area since the kitchen, living room and "dining room" are all one giant room there isn't anywhere to sit and read or talk if you don't want to watch TV except at the table and we almost never eat at the table. So, we're thinking of setting up our bar, adding a couple of club chairs and then lots of bookcases/shelves for storage. Maybe a former kitchen table cut down for a coffee table with some footstools underneath for chairs/extra seating if we do want to have a "table". Thoughts yay or nay? Leave me some comments if you think we're brilliant and/or crazy!

I'll post some holiday pics this weekend.

p.s. Forgive me if I lost your link and it was here. The template was jacked this morning and I had to update it, loosing all my links in the process! *&%^ Blogger!

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