Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Final pics of the Christmas Commissions

These were the last of the necklaces a friend of mine asked me to make for his family as gifts. I really hope everyone liked them as much as I liked putting them together. It was awesome to listen to the stories about everyone and find out who each person was and what makes them fabulous and then try to translate a tiny piece of that into the finished project.

I've got a few ideas for some new pieces and some chandelier bling for over my bathtub that might get done while I'm still on Christmas vacation. I think this is the first time since high school when I've been off for the holidays with no work, no school, nothing and it's wonderful! Today we got up at 3 am to head to San Marcos to the outlet mall for shopping (it's about a 4 to 4.5 hour drive). It was totally worth it for 50% off Pottery Barn outlet furniture and rugs. We got a lovely rug for the new den area and a filing cabinet that needs a new top but it's also awesome. Another project to add to the hubby's list. :) I've taken it fairly easy on him since he's on vacation too but there are a few things that will get done on the break. See chandelier above. :)

Okay, that's about it for tonight. We're heading to bed early (3 am was a long time ago!) and going to watch Ghost Rider from bed. On the movie front National Treasure 2 was great and the perfect holiday/family film. Friday we're going to see Charlie Wilson's War and hit the bookstore.

Happy holidays everyone, I hope Santa was good to you and you're having a terrific holiday. I know mine rocks so far and I'm planning on enjoying it through the New Year!

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