Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I'm kind of wiped out today and have had a migraine all day... it's actually been festering for a month but it's on full force today. Thank goodness I'm heading in to the doctor tomorrow. I've got a few projects going art wise but nothing with photos so I'll post one from a vacation I took with my friend Gwen in 2003. We drove to Colorado Springs, CO from Dallas, Texas over Thanksgiving weekend. It was a wonderful trip and we occupied ourselves by playing Lord of the Rings trivia... I realize I've crossed the geek line and there's no way back!

This photo was taken from our drive up Pike's Peak which I highly recommend. It's beautiful, seriously break your heart beautiful, so I can't say enough about packing up a loved one for a fun road trip. Important side note, not much to see on the drive until you hit New Mexico so have someone you really like to occupy you through West Texas!

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