Sunday, October 29, 2006

Contribution to a collaborative book

Sorry about the long delay between posts, I promise I'm working on my time management! This is a page I made for a collaborative book I'm participating in. I used watercolor paper as it's my new favorite surface to work on. I love how I'm able to create really vibrant or subdued colors just by using watercolor crayons, pencils or paint and adding water as needed for the effect I want. I'm also finding it to be very sturdy and holding up to lots of layers!

I'm getting more confident in my collage pieces and trying new things... sometimes it works out better than others! They great thing about the blog is that I can post whichever version I want. ;)

Hope you're having a good weekend guys!


Pilar said...

you should have confidence in your collage pieces. they are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Amy, you should be very proud of this is awesome. Debbie O

Laura said...

Hi Amy! This is Laura from your 12 days of Christmas group! Just wanted to stop by and say how beautiful I think this collage is!!! Stunning! Lovely, lovely sentiment also!!!

abbymaya said...

Thanks guys!