Thursday, October 19, 2006

Headache update

The doctor gave me some fancy, and expensive, migraine medicine that melts in your mouth and works super speedy fast! So far so good, I'm a little nervous about claiming something works great since it's only been one day. I've been home the last two days because my head has just been out of control and I'm wiped out. I was in bed until 10am this morning... I usually get up at 5! After that the puppies and I just veged. Clearly our day was almost as exciting as this post.

I've worked on this piece that's a pic of my Dad and his Mom when he was little... No Mom, this isn't what I couldn't tell you about. You'll see, I promise. :) I'm not sure how clearly the pic will post but the front says "something Timeless" because there really is something timeless about your parents' love.

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