Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lois Lane or Superman? What was your favorite costume?

Inspired by Halloween, I continued with the bottle caps and came up with these little babies. They inspired the question "what was your favorite Halloween costume"? I don't really remember a lot of my costumes. I remember being a clown, with an adorable outfit made by my Grandma (I think that one made the rounds for a few of us). I remember my brother getting painted up and wearing a flannel shirt and going as a werewolf, he was pretty cute. But my most memorable was in junior high heading out to the thrift store with my best friend and buying men's suits for $2.00 and venturing out to the haunted houses as game show hosts.

I hated those haunted houses as being scared is something I hate. My husband even cut-off Carnivale because I couldn't take the creepy factor anymore. But, I wore that suit jacket with a t-shirt and funky jewelry all through high school!

This is probably the last post until Monday when I get back from Art & Soul! I'm really excited and made a special trip to the bookstore to stock up for the plane ride. I got Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris who writes the Southern Vampire series in addition to this one. She's a fabulous writer who can really bring the element of the unexpected to her work. I may have also purchase a slightly cheesy romance novel for the trip as well. :)

Otherwise, I definitely need to get a move on in the packing department. My clothes are clean but definitely still hanging in the closet. I do have directions to most all of the art stores, Sat Market and a great seafood restaurant my friend Lara is dying to visit. Of course no trip to Portland would be complete without a pilgrimage to Powell's. Anyway, the packing's not happening until I turn off the computer!

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GWEN!!! You're the best!

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Bo said...

I apparently do a pretty good Silent Bob.

Good luck in Portland!