Monday, October 09, 2006

Back from Portland

I took an earlier flight so I got in this morning at 5:30 am. We came home and crashed! It's been a rushed day now that I'm back home and am ready for another vacation. Portland was great but difficult to navigate... I'll post stories over the next week.

My class, Holy Rolling Hot Wheels, was amazing and I learned a lot, unfortunately I was kind of in a funk and feeling more than un-inspired so I really felt bad for Michael DeMeng who was really working hard to make sure I got a lot out of class, I did. I just really missed my studio and the thousands of odds and ends I have here. I tried to pack super light, which I did, and really under-packed in the art area. Ultimately, I think I'm really a homebody and by then I was just unbelievably home sick and wasn't feeling great. The class was fabulous and I learned a massive amount about color theory, metal craft and treating your art as something to treat as a sacred object...not in a pretentious snobby way but just that it's something you created and should be treated with respect.

It was an amazing experience, in part, because we really looked at all the pieces and talked about what was fabulous about them and what was the artist's point of view (trademark Project Runway!) and then we took all of these amazing art pieces and put them on a Hot Wheels track. It was a really lovely and charming combination of reverence and whimsy that really turned around the day for me. If you ever get a chance to take a class at Art & Soul, ArtFest, etc, I highly recommend it.

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