Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Halloween spirit!

October is one of my all time favorite months. Fall is my favorite season ... it used to be winter but I live in Texas so I had to give up the dream of snow. Normally, the air is getting crisp and the windows are open letting in the cooler breeze but this year it's in the 90's so not so much with the cool breeze.

I'm not giving up though. The house is decorated for Halloween, inside anyway, need to continue nagging the hubby about outside lights, and I've pulled out the Halloween jewelry. I've got enough that I think I could wear a new piece almost everyday for the month but I do have a few favorites. This pin is one of them. I made it last year when I was still pretty scared of the soldering iron but I risked it for jewelry. Seriously, you've got to have priorities!

The other pics are of what is normally my dining room table but has now been transformed into an Halloween wonderland. My husband helped with the wiring logistics which involved two trips to Fry's (electronics superstore!) for the uber-power strips. We're good to go now.

Only 2 more days until I'm headed to Portland for Art & Soul ... must go nag about outside lights. Have a happy Tuesday!

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